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Dear Soling Sailors

Many events are being cancelled, please stay tune and checking the racing calendar.
European and North American Championship cancelled, both events ISA have placed or in its way to place a new venue and dates.
Argentina - April events cancelled possibly may as well.
Netherlands - April and May cancelled
Germany - Omega Cup cancelled
Canada - Ontario Championships cancelled
Spain - Autonomic Championship cancelled

If you host a regatta and the one is being cancelled do not forget to advise the class office.
Please follow the instructions your country takes to fight against this thread and lets hope this go away soon and we can enjoy our Soling Sailing.,



North American Championship Cancelled

The Chesapeake Soling Fleet and Severn Sailing Association (SSA) have cancelled the 2020 Soling North Americans planned for April 22 thru 26 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As stated previously, the SSA Board of Governors has approved rescheduling the event from October 21 thru October 25, 2020. The Soling Chesapeake Fleet will submit a request for approval of a revised schedule to the ISA Championship Committee shortly.

On behalf of the Chesapeake Soling Fleet, all best wishes and be safe.


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Only for Soling experts, history can always refresh some memories...

written by Matias Collins  on  March 6  of  2012 and read by 2098

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Jim Coggan sailing in Kiel week 1980

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A bit more for Soling Lovers .. once more although the office melts anyone´s body during the day, I took the time to read, learn a bit about the Soling Class history, and once more scanned the Soling Sailing from 1981 volume 8, magazine 2 in which Vince Brun together with his brother Gastao and Steven Bakker won the Worlds in Anzio. Vince now works at North Sails One Design and is well known in the sailing worldwide, at this event the second was Anastasios Boudoris a name I heard not less than 5 times today in heat chats with Dimitris Oikonomou the new greek fleet enerigzer , who has been practicing out of Athens and gathering the fleet of boats in the club around.

Hopefully we will see these teams sailing events across Europe, because everything is s cicle, and greek crisis will end at some point.

Download the Soling Sailing 1981 volume 8 number 2 at:

Top results for the 1981 Worlds in Anzio, Italy (we are sorry not to have a full list)

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Vince Brun, his brother Gastao, and Steven Bakker preparing the Soling at Anzio, Italy worlds 1981

Vince Brun, his brother Gastao, and Steven Bakker preparing the Soling at Anzio, Italy worlds 1981