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Bear-Away Spinnaker Sets By Dean Brenner

2021 Worlds Milwaukee

2021 Europeans Santander

2021 NA Annapolis

Spring Trophy Notice of Race published

Hoping that sun and the vaccination effect starts to improve covid 19 situation, GARNELL the event sponsor came on big to support the traditional event at the Toscana waters, see more at the NOR.
Spring Trophy NOR Download



Tulip Race & Dutch Open cancelled

Due to the covid outbreak in Europe, the Netherlands Soling Klubb has cancelled the two upcoming events in April and May (Tullip and Dutch Open).


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Bear-Away Spinnaker Sets By Dean Brenner

written by Dean Brenner  on  January 11  of  2006 and read by 1668

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In a race where the course includes an offset mark after the weather mark, it s important to delay the spinnaker set until the boat is sailing on an angle that permits the chute to be flown with relative ease.

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Thanks to Dean and SailNet

Matias Collins

January  11 of 2006

Europeans Santander
NA Champs Annapolis
Soling book

Soling book