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HUN 11 Process Solutions & the 5th title

written by Matias Collins  on  July 2  of  2024 and read by 302

Random Name

NOR 103 Ole Morten Andresen, Bjorn Gulbrandsen and Anne Marthe Ingeberg rounding ahead NED 44 Bram Soethoudt, Frans Schellen and Sjors Hensberg
@Christian Ruscetta

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Farkas Litkey, Karoly Vezer, Kristoff Wossala are the new Soling World Champions, in a memorable fleet with level and trajectory. The team placed high their Process Solutions HUN 11 winning the title for Farkas the fifth (2013,2015,2017,2019) and now for the first time in an even year.

The title came with a great flavor, in a difficult fleet with so many talented sailors including Olympic, World & European Champions, like Farkas himself (OG Finn Class - 1996), or Anders Ostre Pedersen(OG Finn Class – 2016 & 2020), or Rune Jacobsen, Erlin Landsverk and Thom Beinhard (OG Soling Class – 1992) , Johan Barne (OG Soling Class - 2000) or Herman Horn Johannessen(OG Soling Class -2000 the bronze medalist) just to mention a few from the past, but also the current World Champion BRA 73 Kadu Bergenthal, Vilnei Goldmeier and Edgar Oppitz.

Team Process Solutions HUN 11 consolidated the victory at the strong wind day, the two light wind days where the most difficult for the team and the first day a good average, they only obtained one bullet during the 8 races, and only 5 of them were top 5. Their results were consistent making them also the winners of the Mauzi perpetual awarded to the best team without discards.

Team Equilibrium BRA 78 sailed by class president Nelson Ilha, Manfredo Floricke and Leo Mayhofer were inconsistent although they obtained two bullets but failed to achieve top 5 results where only three of them were placed.

Team Helly Hansen NOR 131 sailed by multi world champion in the 5.5 meter Kristian Nergaard , Johan Barne and Christensen Horn Johannessen only achieved one bullet but managed also 5 finishes at the top 5 despite a slow start at the series and difficulties with the light air, but it was enough to consolidate them a the podium finishing in third.

Special perpetual trophies were awarded, like the Paul Elvstrom trophy for the best placed young helm (35 or under) and his team that cannot have an aggregate age of 120, ending in hands of NOR 156 Anders Ostra Pedersen, Alexander Ringstad and Kjell Ingeberg. This team was consistent and also had top finishes that led them to be fourth overall;They contested the trophy against other 4 teams from POR, AUT, NOR and CAN.

The KC 1 Classic trophy awarded to the best team sailing a boat built before January 1st 1980 was awarded to the pink boat NED 49 sailed by Han Van Veen, Julian Hoffmann and Marietje Dijkstra. They also had enough celebration hapiness after being the best Dutch at the race course, that eliminating the host country was the country who sent the biggest fleet.

The Tony Clare trophy, was awarded to Lisa Farthofer sailing at AUT 117 with Michael Farthofer, and Rudolf Mattheis. They were competing against other 6 boats, but actually 8 ladies since the young Austrian team was all women and these included three countries (NOR, NED, AUT)

The Grand Master Bowl awarded to a team where the helmsperson has 65 or more years old and the total aggregate years is 150 or more was awarded to the second overall BRA 78 with Nelson Ilha, Manfrdo Floricke, Leo Mayhofer.

A lighter version of the above trophy, so called Master Trophy donated by Uwe Steingross refers to a helmsperson in between 50 and 64 years old but also with a total aggregate age of 150 and it was awarded to the third place overall team Helly Hansen NOR 131 with Kristian Nergaard, Johan Barne and Christensen Horn Johannessen.

The Jose Lucio Glomb's perpetual awarded to the best South American boat ended in hands of BRA 78 as well.

The Gert Bakker trophy announced by Jens Pran the Norwegian Soling Association was awarded to Harald Hilde (NOR 123) for his tireless effort to help the organization of the event in all technical aspects and in a constant contact with the ISA and class measurers.

The event initially scheduled with 10 races, had one day without racing due to strong winds, presented a fantastic day with 18 to 22 knots, a first day with 12 to 16 knots and two light days, this very last one even well affected by the changing currents.

The iSA thanks all volunteers, KNS members, the Jury and all guests for its successful championship in a fabulous venue. Next World Championship will be held in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil a the Veleiros do Sul Yacht Club during the month of November of 2025.

Complete Results

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Teanm HUN 11 Process Solutions about to round the mark<br />@Christian Ruscetta

Teanm HUN 11 Process Solutions about to round the mark
@Christian Ruscetta

AUT 43 the girly sensation with Hanna Neumuller, Elena Strauch and Lisolette Widschwend <br />@Christian Ruscetta

AUT 43 the girly sensation with Hanna Neumuller, Elena Strauch and Lisolette Widschwend
@Christian Ruscetta

NED 49 Han van Veen, Julian Hofmann and Marietje Dijkstra  smiling as winners of the KC 1 classic trophy<br />@Christian Ruscetta

NED 49 Han van Veen, Julian Hofmann and Marietje Dijkstra smiling as winners of the KC 1 classic trophy
@Christian Ruscetta

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