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Membership dues for 2024 update !!

Dear Soling Sailors,

As result of the past meetings, something you must consider for the future, is that the ISA decided to increase its membership dues, the objective is to reach a total of 200 euros for a complete team, but not during 2024, the first year there will be an increase of 40 euros in total.
For the upcoming years more changes will occur if necessary.
Therefore :
- Boat registration fee (stickers) will cost 55 euros
- Individual Membership fee (cards) will cost 35 euros

The objective is to maintain balanced the ISA accounts despite the increasing costs in general world wide.

Best winds,
ISA Secretary
2024 Membership article


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Close to a perfect day at the Soling Worlds in Milwaukee

written by Matias Collins  on  September 23  of  2023 and read by 664

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NED 33 finishing a race
@ Julie

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A day where the shy sun ticketed its presence, the wind built from the Southwest quite stable with some high and lows, and the waves were not that a big factor.
The early start was just in time, with the first warning signal at 1100hs , GER 1 with Roman Koch, Alex Hasenclever and Joe Brase taking an early lead at the weather mark, followed close by a pack of boats including BRA 73 with Kadu Bergental, Vilnei Goldmeier and Edgard Opptiz on the left side of the course, with a good start took an early advantage, followed at the first mark by BRA 78 with Nelson Ilha, Manfredo Floricke and Henrique Ilha and in third USA 853 with Matias Collins, Andreas Baumueller and Peter Norman, this last was rolled out by CAN 1 with Bill Abbott, Joanne Abbott and Andrew Macrae at the downwind behind them CAN 225 Peter Hall, William Hall and Scott Mcneil.
USA 853 would loose their 4th place at the last beat close to the weather mark where speed issues made a few boats just pass them, like CAN 225, CAN 230 with Ross Finlater, John McNeil and Gord Devries and GER 11 with Michael Dietzel, Martin Zeileis and Patrick Wichmann, and also NED 33 with Rudy den Outer, Bram Soethoudt and Ramzi Souli.

The second race saw a wind intensity decrease and once more BRA 73 took the lead followed by CAN 1 and BRA 78 with the lumpy wind approaching things started to heat up at the race course. Protests that later were dismissed, etc.

While the wind kept slightly decreasing, and driving the waves becoming a bigger issue, by the third race that again was won by BRA 73 leading the pack kicking them high at the overall results ahead CAN 1 who achieved a third place in the last race of the day and CAN 225 obtaining a second place placing them third overall but in fight zone for the title.

After the races the Milwaukee Yacht Club received all sailors for the event dinner at the club house, some teams stayed longer at the tikibar drinking, others went to bed quite early.

Two last races are scheduled for this Saturday, with a start at 1100hs,

Complete Results

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The overall leaders rounding<br /> @Julie

The overall leaders rounding

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