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ISA Annual Meetings Agenda

Dear ISA members,
The annual meetings of the class are scheduled to be on June 27 during the World Championship of the class at Hanko, Norway.
At the link you will find the meetings agenda.
Please if you require detailed information on how the meeting works or paper additions, please do not hesitate asking the ISA office at
Looking forward to see you there
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Great sailing day at the Worlds, three races

written by Matias Collins  on  September 21  of  2023 and read by 833

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The fleet downwind on the last run of the day when wind is fading
@ Julie

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Despite the morning didn't promise much with some possible showers, 4 different forecasts, light wind at the club, Russ Sobota the RO at 1200 initiated the countdown start sequence of the first race of the day.
This race with many incidents and two new holes in different hulls had the first one at the starting sequence when USA 834 on port ran into USA 853 on starboard slowly sailing close to the RC vessel to catch the gun time. A big hole, that had to be patched in less than 4 min with Duct tape, if the one doesn't fix, it means is broken right(?).
Another boat to have a “little” hole was NED 33

BRA 73 with Kadu Berghental, Vilnei Goldmeier and Edgard Opptiz again solid in the lead close followed by CAN 1 with Billy Abbott, Joanne Abbott and Andrew Macrae, in third CAN 225 with Peter Hall, William Hall and Scott McNeil, and despite the hole and the tape USA 853 with Matias Collins, Andreas Baumueller and Peter Norman. The race would keep this way for a round when slowly and progressively USA 853 started to fall back, they ended finishing in 4th and GER 11 with Michael Dietzel, Martin Zeileis and Patrick Wichmann in 3rd mainly because two boats ahead CAN 225, and BRA 78 with Nelson Ilha, Manfredo Floricke and Henrique Ilha were OCS.

The in between races, finally more tape came into the USA 853 for repairs, and about 32 lts of water were taken out while waiting the second start, there were no lunch time for the team.

The second race started with a bit more wind about 10 knots from Southwest, and CAN 225 just took the lead and built the one constantly, they were followed close by CAN 1 and BRA 73 team Campos, SS Squadrias who are sailing strongly this event. GER 1 with Roman Koch, Alex Hasenclever and Joe Brase finished 4th as the breeze start to suits Roman. This race USA 782 with John Walton, Andy Folz and Alex Perry had to retire due to some minor boat failures, but they were back for the third one.

The procedure on USA 853 was similar, more buckets of water out, but luckily it was a bit less quantity.

The first three legs of the third race had more wind, it was full hiking for some teams, but the wind faded a bit by the end, this race had another OCS boat USA 852 Henry Thomas, Greg Schoolden and Peter Siegel a race that they were fighting at the top, CAN 225 scored another bullet to compensate their first race OCS, CAN 1 again were second and BRA 73 consolidated the day with a third.

Sailors gather together at the trailer park for some beers while the protest room was busy and the ISA Annual Meetings started around 1820hs to finish the items for the AGM, and the ACM will resume this Thursday.

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