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Warning due to no water at the Madrid damm, the event had to be cancelled.
If situation changes the Spanish Soling Association will issue a new date for the event.



Membership dues for 2024 update !!

Dear Soling Sailors,

As result of the past meetings, something you must consider for the future, is that the ISA decided to increase its membership dues, the objective is to reach a total of 200 euros for a complete team, but not during 2024, the first year there will be an increase of 40 euros in total.
For the upcoming years more changes will occur if necessary.
Therefore :
- Boat registration fee (stickers) will cost 55 euros
- Individual Membership fee (cards) will cost 35 euros

The objective is to maintain balanced the ISA accounts despite the increasing costs in general world wide.

Best winds,
ISA Secretary
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Team PROFS AUT 114 Austrian Champions and winners at the Zipfer Trophy

written by Matias Collins  on  August 20  of  2023 and read by 5

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After rounding the windward mark the spinakeer festival
@Irene Schanda / UYCAs

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The traditional Zipfer Trophy being hosted by the Union-Yacht-Club Attersee is by far the largest regatta of the Soling class for 2023, always a super organized event rinsed in Zipfer beer and traditional Austrian food, the 2023 edition had only one missing component, the famous thermal wind. Three summer days welcomed the sailors but no thermal breeze which made sailing too difficult, despite 4 races were achieved.

On Saturday after no wind on Friday but an excellent day at the Zipfer bar, and later at night at the Zipfer brewery restaurant, where all 33 teams were greeted, finally after the traditional breakfast at the UYCAs , Gert Schmidleitner the race officer got at least one race in light winds from 5 to 6 knots from North Northwest but quite shifty, the only race of the day won by the Ukranian team UKR 2 sailed by Yarovyy Dmytro, Marchenko Roman and Klochko Yevgen. They were followed by UYCAs president and veteran team AUT 117 with Michael Farthofer, Rudolph Matheis and Michael Oberweger who benefited from his winter and spring time rigging work. The berliner team GER 323 sailed by Matthias Dulce, Klaus Gaede and Franke Eberhard finished third, they are members of the VSAW in Berlin and now also members at the UYCAs since it is the best way to enjoy the summer, either up North or South at the Alps.

On Sunday, organizers were worried about the number of races to validate the Austrian championship, despite the nice Saturday evening with a dinner at the UYCAs with a multimedia show offered by the organizers.
Finally three races were held shaking the whole overall results, with many protests and UFDs.
At the first race of the day team HUN 1 with Sandor Varjas, Laszlo Kovasci and Gabor Meretei winning the race followed by GER 2 with Christian Mack, Thomas Fabry and Max Haist and in third it came GER 11 with Michael Dietzel, Vera Geck and Anton Dietzel.
The second race of the day (race three) had a different podium with team PROFS AUT 114 with Christian Binder, Christian Feichtinger and Franz Fellner winning the one followed by GER 323 and in third AUT 139 with Andreas Baschke, Hannes Blaschke and Heiner Risch. At this race the protests were filed GER 2 against HUN 1, GER 11 against GER 323, AUT 117 against ITA 213 and GER 245; At the first one HUN 1 accccepted the arbitration and a penalty of 15pts, at the second GER 323 was disqualified under rule 18.2, and in the third one GER 245 was disqualified under rule 10.
The final results for this third race then became AUT 114, AUT 139 and then AUT 7 sailed by Florian Felzmann, Stephan Beurle and Michael Felzmann.
The third race of the day, 4th in the event validating the championship was won again AUT 114 followed by HUN 1 and in third the young team from AUT 135 Davis Schuh, Lorenz Pichler and Tobias Schuh, again at this race with many UFD at the start more protests were filed AUT 139 against HUN 1 and AUT 119, AUT 117 against AUT 135, HUN 1 and AUT 119 with the following outcome: HUN 1 and AUT 119 being disqualified under rule 18.2.5 shaking the results again whenre AUT 114 won followed by AUT 135 and AUT 122 sailed by Peter Neumann, Rudi Hubauer and Richard Holler.

The event had 7 nations and two continents attending who enjoyed the summer weather, the Zipfer bar - by the way one of Austria's leading beer brands, despite the wind failing to attend I full at least 4 races were held to crown the Traunsee team PROFS AUT 114 with Christian Binder, Christian Feichtinger and Franz Fellner as Austrian champion and Zipfer Trophy winner .
Second overall AUT 7 with Florian Fezlmann, Stephan Beurle and Michael Felzmann and in third the team Sail Sharks UKR 2 with Dmytry Yarovyy, Roman Marchenko and Yeven Klochko.
The Austrian championship podium was completed by AUT 135 with the youngs David Schuh, Lorenz Pichler and Tobias Schuh.

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Zipfer Results

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The crowded start<br />@Irene Schanda / UYCAs

The crowded start
@Irene Schanda / UYCAs

The different nations at the lake Attersee<br />@Irene Schanda / UYCAs

The different nations at the lake Attersee
@Irene Schanda / UYCAs

Tean UKR 2 winning the first race on Saturday<br />@Irene Schanda / UYCAs

Tean UKR 2 winning the first race on Saturday
@Irene Schanda / UYCAs

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