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ISA Annual Meetings Agenda

Dear ISA members,
The annual meetings of the class are scheduled to be on June 27 during the World Championship of the class at Hanko, Norway.
At the link you will find the meetings agenda.
Please if you require detailed information on how the meeting works or paper additions, please do not hesitate asking the ISA office at
Looking forward to see you there
Meetigns Agenda


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The season is open, springtime is running, and summer is coming.

written by Matias Collins  on  May 16  of  2023 and read by 300

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The writer sailing 853 in a borrowed boat after trailer had issues on trip to PDE
@ Robaina and Figueredo

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All continental events have been published some late events added to the calendar, a few events held successfully, entries already started to flow in.
Anyway it is going to be a difficult season, war continues right after a two year of Pandemia which increased costs and made traveling more difficult.

Recently our class president has issued a letter sent to those who accepts our mailing, a different way we are not used to reach out to the sailors, besides that many doesn't receive the one since they have chosen not to receive mailing. This president's letter is available in a link below.

For more than 55 years the class has managed to follow all World Sailing (in the past ISAF and IRYU) regulations to keep at the edge, offering a trusted equipment and possibly the only fully One Design keelboat that comes from the same master plug no matter the builder. A robust boat, still a fast boat nowadays specially VMG wise or in heavy winds upwind.
The boat has been ageless, we still have boats 35 to 40 years old in competitive mode, at the competition aspect the class have been organizing events in many different places around the world and currently our next continentals will be held in not so known places – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada for the North Americans next June and Warnemunde, northern Germany our Europeans. A big chance to boats closer to the venue to attend without the hassle of traveling far distances, something they usually would do for the traditional events being held in the usual venues.

To build us a class it all depends on the sailors sailing the one, we are only successful if you attend the class events and have fun, otherwise we fail as a class but also to ourselves.

We assume the future is going to be difficult, but only your presence will help the one be fun sailing the boat.

North American Championship, Hamilton, Canada - June 8 -11
European Championship, Warnemunde, Germany - July 4 – 8!/
World Championship, Milwaukee, USA – September 17 – 23

President's letter at:

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