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Mandello receives the Solings for the first time

written by Matias Collins  on  September 30  of  2021 and read by 156

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The 2021 Europeans initially scheduled for Santander, Spain and then due to all issues with covid was postponed and changed to Mandello del Lario, at lake Como in the Lecco region.

The first time for the Soling class at the LNI in Mandello, a little old town at the lake, in such a way that 50% of the sailors are staying at Mama Ciccia hotel, which has the reception in one building, and the rooms all over the town center facing to the walking streets.

The 23 boat which have already arrived to Mandello, were in a rush to finish the inspection procedure and get their boats in the water before 10:00hs and then attend the opening ceremony scheduled for 1030.

In any way the start was postponed as no wind at the lake, which already concerns the organizers as on Friday then the first attempts to sail would be early in the morning to try to take advantage of the Northern morning breeze.

At the present moment the club bar and terrace have all the sailors taking their probably last sun baths of the year since winter is approaching and the sailing season is over.

The main technical issue found at the inspection were: one new alu minium mast had the one part of the top section less than a 1mm under the limit, caused by the lock system installed in the one which to be fixed compressed the top of the mast with its bolts. The team worked hard to fix for an entire day.

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