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Dear ISA members,
The annual meetings of the class are scheduled to be on June 27 during the World Championship of the class at Hanko, Norway.
At the link you will find the meetings agenda.
Please if you require detailed information on how the meeting works or paper additions, please do not hesitate asking the ISA office at
Looking forward to see you there
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Light airs in Wannsee, the windsniffer shows his talent

written by Matias Collins  on  September 26  of  2021 and read by 339

Random Name

GER 308 the windsniffer

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It was a long day in Berlin, initially some clouds were around suggesting some rain, but it was only light westerly full of patches at the racecourse.
Races started at 1100 and at this time included in the same racecourse the H boat class, the one in yesterday conditions are quite slower than the Soling, Dragons too but not that evident.

The first race GER 308 with Haist, Haist and Zeileis from rounding last the windward mark in the first beat only saw him doing the right tacks, pushing the right corners to end up winning the race with category. They were followed by GER 311 with Geisler, Domges and Syring who sailed a good day in the light winds. In third place came the young teams from Berlin GER 209 bis with Westphalen, Finck and Kamm.

The second race with a bit more wind, saw USA 853 with Collins, Baumueller and Strauch with a good start and good control of the race rounding first and from there increasing the difference with the followers. Berlin vereran GER 282 – Diesing, Peuker and Schoop to finish second and GER 308 again with a great recovery in the second upwind to finish third.

The third race the wind faded away and GER 308 managed to round first and control the race, that was not so much under control in the middle pack, with changes on each tack and rounding mark. GER 282 choosing to corner left on the last dowind managed to get the inside of the rounding mark with other Solings and many H boats that also were finishing their race.. it was a mess the outcome, so third place that could have been to GER 209 bis or USA 853 ended up being for GER 311, followed by GER 323 with Dulce, Gaede and Franke.

Two more races are schedule for Sunday, and more light wind but at least sunny summer day.

The evening at the VSAW had the dinner in the central bowl hall, duck was served with dumplins after a tomatoe soup, always poored by a lot of beer.

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