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Spring Trophy Notice of Race published

Hoping that sun and the vaccination effect starts to improve covid 19 situation, GARNELL the event sponsor came on big to support the traditional event at the Toscana waters, see more at the NOR.
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Tulip Race & Dutch Open cancelled

Due to the covid outbreak in Europe, the Netherlands Soling Klubb has cancelled the two upcoming events in April and May (Tullip and Dutch Open).


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Sailing Through Corona Times

written by Jens Pran  on  August 26  of  2020 and read by 331

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Fantastic Sunday sailing at the 2020 SSO

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In Norway we have the same restrictions as all other countries, and when we first had the opportunity to sail, we again feldt true happiness again.

After reaching its lowest point 5 years ago the Soling fleet In Norway started to slowly build rock on rock and have achieved an increase in numbers of active Soling sailors.
The potential number is even higher and we are working for steady future growth. We believe that having fun, be inclusive and arrange local informal regatta's is the key.
This year, with the Covid-19, it has been a challenge to achieve these key targets.

The weekend 22-23 of August the NSK arranged the Scandinavian Soling Open at Fjærholmen, Tønsberg. There was a restriction issued and no more than 2 persons on onboard were allowed in each Soling, and hence we all were short-handed.

Some Norwegian's believe that sailing with less than 3 in a Soling was not a competition, but more like a nice sailing tour. Therefore some boats did not attend. We were disappointed on their choice and disagree strongly that there were not a competitive environment. We had tuff fights on an equal basis. We held the championship open for all Scandinvian's boats (or to those that wanted to be a Scandinavian…), Unfortunately due to Corona situation it was also not possible for foreigners to attend. But we will arrange it again next year, so you are all welcome.

In the 2020 SSO event there was attending 6 Solings, spread from Oslo, Tønsberg and Tvedestrand. Tønsberg Sailclub organized the event together with other twenty two 2.4 boats, seven RS Elite and six IOD's. There where to start's one mixed and one for the 2.4 boat's, so it was crowded on the start and at the field.

Saturday morning was bright nice sun, and 11 ms (22knots) on average wind, there where no sailing that day. We took the opportunity to drink coffee and retold old stories and barbecue. No sailing, and all in all a social day. Sunday turned into very nice day, sunny, 5 – 8 ms wind (14 knots. 5 races were held. The boats where close and the accumulated result changed at each run.

Finally victorious came the team NOR 150 with Hans Petter Jostad and Manus Mathisen
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Upwind with style

Upwind with style

happy owner nice wind at the Sunday - 2020 SSO

happy owner nice wind at the Sunday - 2020 SSO

Social gathering while no racing on Saturday

Social gathering while no racing on Saturday

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Congratulations for the hard work

Matias Collins

August  27 of 2020

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