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Italian Championship NOR released

With already 7 entries on August 26 from three nations, the CVT released the Notice of Race for the Italian Championship next October 9 to11.
See more at:
Italian Championship NoR



2020 ISA Annual Meetings announced

As required on ISA constitution item 5.3.5 the office announce the AGM and ACM for 2020 to be held on October 17th, date replacement of the original first scheduled past 2019 meetings on September.
check for more at the article.


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Just another Wednesday night in the city - Netherlands

written by Carl von Lindern  on  August 3  of  2020 and read by 143

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NED 37, NED 38 and NED 39 at the Kralingse Plas

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Although the small faces are singing about their “Lazy Sunday afternoon”, as per U2 it was another Sunday, where the Boomtown Rats don't like the Monday. Lynyrd Skynyrd sings “Tuesday's gone (with the wind)”, David Bowie got his Thursday Child. The Easybeats already got the Friday on their mind and Herman Brood Saturday Night. Leaves the Wednesday evening perfect for Soling Sailing at the Kralingse Plas (Rotterdam, waar anders dan?). Moreover, I was the lucky guy who could replace the holiday bowman of NED37! So there was the perfect combination: Great place for sailing, great boat to sail with, every song about a perfect Wednesday is ours!
The “Kralingse Zeilclub” hosts us perfectly, after having had a dinner the first start is at 19:00. As there are more races at the same time (like Laser, Finn and O-jol) and some individual classes, a separate lane is set for the Soling. Short races, lots of handling, tactical racing, wind shifts, it all triggers your skills, you need all your concentration for a good race. Every race is a new learning experience. What went good, what can be better. Excellent conditions for training regattas.

Ben Boogaerdt had made a ‘spare Soling' (NED39) available, to attract new enthusiasm and/or talent to join the world of Soling. At the same time, new temporary crew combinations were made, ideal to learn from each other, to increase the trim and boat speed. Or, pretty practical, to get your crew complete and give a sailing opportunity to those who can't have their own boat on the water in Rotterdam.

It was a most wonderful evening. On my bike to the yacht club I already enjoyed the happiness of summer. Due to the nice weather, you could feel enthusiasm all over. Although the wind was slightly strong in the afternoon, by the time we raised our sails and headed to the track, the wind was decreased to a gentle moderate summer breeze, tactical sailing required, with good reading of the unpredictable wind shifts. Although the wind force did not excite that much, subject reading and shifts made the races exciting. Tactical choices of tacking, course and jibes made the final ranking.

The price giving ceremony was a nice cool beer at the yacht club's bar after the boats were stored ashore again, making Every One a Winner (Hot Chocolate), to end in the musical sphere. With a big smile on my face I biked home. It was not just another Wednesday Night in the city, we are living a happy life sailing our Soling!

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Matias Collins

August  3 of 2020