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2020 ISA Annual General & Committee Meeting announced

written by Matias Collins  on  July 14  of  2020 and read by 288

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the 2018 Dutch Open

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As required on ISA constitution item 5.3.5 the office announce the AGM and ACM for 2020 to be held on October 17th, date replacement of the original first scheduled past 2019 meetings on September.

Due to the current world situation (COVID19) the 2020 AGM and ACM will be held for the first time virtually, it will use ZOOM (, the scheduled time for the AGM meeting will be 1730hs UTC (1930 European time, 1430 SA time and 1330 NA time), the ACM will follow (it might require a new connection).
ZOOM can be installed or used at a browser for free, either at a desktop computer or mobile phone. We recommend a desktop computer so you can display a mosaic view of most participants, if you wish to test the system with the class office, please do not hesitate in contacting me and we will schedule a test meeting with you.

The ISA will forward the link of the meeting (id and password) to all NSA & ISA Committees, it will also upon request forward the pwd to class members and friends wishing to attend the one.
Regarding the voting system during the meeting the ISA will establish and send the procedure to proper perform the ones and keep a record of the ones.

The Agenda will be released in September/October, but mainly will deal with items that can't be delayed due to our constitution:
-Approval or previous meetings minutes(already posted at the website).
-Current Financial situation
-Calendar 2021

We hope all attend and help build an exciting 2021 regatta season in the Soling class.

Best winds
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Matias Collins

September  12 of 2020