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Botterletter event in NED cancelled

Due to the current outbreak of Covid 19 the NSK cancelled the Botterletter event scheduled for November 28 & 29.


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The Spanish fleet is back to action

written by Matias Collins  on  June 21  of  2020 and read by 215

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The downwind in Madrid

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This past weekend many teams were already practicing in Madrid, all of them already facing the upcoming activities in the class preparing for the first event of the year post COVID situation that was dramatically heavy in Spain.

Also thinking about the future, many parents are preparing their kids, since 2021 with the European Championship event in Santander at the horizon many hands will be needed. Now on June 27 and 28 the Autonomic Trophy takes place in Madrid, full of water with a fantastic weather forecast and an amazing early entry of 12 Solings, everyone wishing to jump out confinement with style.

Some footage were sent from onboard, these lucky sailors who were able to feel back the wind, the water and the rocking, great news for us all.

Hoping soon we all can be at the same situation who already started in different countries such the Netherlands where two boats also were training or Norway where the a multiclass event had 5 Solings contesting amongst about 15 boats, many of the H boats, taking 1st, 3rd, 5th and other good places.

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The puffy light winds of Madrid

The puffy light winds of Madrid

A team facing light winds in Madrid

A team facing light winds in Madrid

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Nice to see the activity flowing

Matias Collins

June  21 of 2020