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Botterletter event in NED cancelled

Due to the current outbreak of Covid 19 the NSK cancelled the Botterletter event scheduled for November 28 & 29.


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2020 Worlds, Continentals and Ranking cancelled !

written by Matias Collins  on  June 14  of  2020 and read by 596

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Time to enjoy your Soling and stay safe
@ Richard Brandl - Worlds 2011 - Chiemsee

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Dear Soling Sailors

An uncertain future, despite many countries being more relaxed in their activities, the current situation picture world wide only forced the ISA to focus on each sailors' safety and the fairness of all major events (open ones) that should be able to be attended by all those interested and not only by those who can attend, therefore with sadness the ISA cancels Worlds and Continentals also dropping the ISA ranking for the year of 2020.

Despite this decision, we encourage each event originally scheduled to be held by their hosts if possible, and that sailors also within their limitations to attend and have fun and enjoy their Solings like the case of the Zipfer Trophy that for the year of 2020 will be the Europa Cup and not the European fleet racing championship but still the largest event of the year.

We hope for the future that each country improves their situation making Soling sailing a great option to relax and face reality with a smile and joy.

Stay safe, and if possible sail with enthusiasm

Best winds,

The ISA executive released the following statement available to download .

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