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Dear Soling Sailors
Many events have been cancelled or postponed, please stay tune and checking the racing calendar.
Spain starting on Monday lifted some restrictions for outdoors activities. therefore:
Spain - Autonomic Trophy June 27 & 28 confirmed And Spanish cup scheduled for October 10 & 11.
European and North American Championship were postponed, both events ISA have placed new venue and dates and waiting ISA final confirmation next June 15.
USA - McNulty Postponed
Italy - Spring Trophy cancelled & Italian Championship postponed
Argentina - April, May and June events cancelled.
France - Open La Baule Cancelled and French Open postponed to October 9 to 11.
Netherlands - Events up to September cancelled
Austria - Denzel and Auteried event cancelled.
Germany - German Open, West German and Omega Cup cancelled
Canada - Ontario Championships cancelled

If you host a regatta and the one is being cancelled do not forget to advise the class office.
Please follow the instructions your country takes to fight against this thread and lets hope this go away soon and we can enjoy our Soling


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Soling Class Letter from the Executive

written by Matias Collins  on  May 15  of  2020 and read by 277

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Soling Class Anniversary - Castiglione della Pescaia 2015

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Hi Everyone,

Your executive committee trusts everyone is healthy and safe in their homes. Your health and safety and well being is our priority. The Coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic has impacted all our lives in so many ways in the last two months and may well affect our everyday activities until a vaccine is generally available. Notwithstanding, the Soling Family dreams of Happy Soling Days!

Your executive would like to share information about ongoing measures being taken by the Soling Class to deal with the health crisis and promote more communications amongst our members. As some countries and regions start to re-open sailing activities prudently, we would like to summarize our recommendations:

1) SOON!!
As governments allow, some local fleets may start pleasure sailing soon and racing at the club level and national level maybe this summer and fall.

2) NOW!!
The executive is naming three Continental team leaders to communicate at least monthly starting early June on the possibility of racing in the region:
- Europe – Michael Dietzel email:
- South America – Nelson Ilha email:
- North America – Peter Hall email:

No Championship event will be held in 2020 unless the class considers it safe including air travel, airports, and accommodations. For the present time, we hope that the corona virus is contained in all our fleet areas by summer and at least some of our racing dreams can be accomplished this fall.
We are planning to communicate and consult with each Organizing Authority in early June for updates on COVID 19 containment and possible travel restrictions affecting the region. We intend to communicate with all members of the Soling family before June 15 (or earlier if COVID conditions obviously make travel unsafe in late August and fall), on the safety considerations around each event, therefore Worlds and Continental events presently planned, or earlier delayed, like in August (Europeans), September (Worlds), October (North Americans) and October (South Americans) will depend on conditions presented mid-June.

Share SOLING FUN virtually. We have asked Matias to communicate at least monthly with class updates, World Sailing updates, and past great videos for all of us to remember how much we love SOLING Sailing. We also encourage anyone to write an article to Matias for the Soling website sharing your soling experiences! Many thanks in advance.

If you have comments on how the class can better serve you, please email Matias or your continental team member. Everyone's dream and goal is to continue experiencing Fun SOLING racing, for now locally and hopefully some major championships – BUT only if it is safe, healthy, and secure for all of us in 2020. We look forward to your feedback.

Best regards
ISA Executive.

Download original letter here

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