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Dear Soling Sailors
Many events have been cancelled or postponed, please stay tune and checking the racing calendar.
Spain starting on Monday lifted some restrictions for outdoors activities. therefore:
Spain - Autonomic Trophy June 27 & 28 confirmed And Spanish cup scheduled for October 10 & 11.
European and North American Championship were postponed, both events ISA have placed new venue and dates and waiting ISA final confirmation next June 15.
USA - McNulty Postponed
Italy - Spring Trophy cancelled & Italian Championship postponed
Argentina - April, May and June events cancelled.
France - Open La Baule Cancelled and French Open postponed to October 9 to 11.
Netherlands - Events up to September cancelled
Austria - Denzel and Auteried event cancelled.
Germany - German Open, West German and Omega Cup cancelled
Canada - Ontario Championships cancelled

If you host a regatta and the one is being cancelled do not forget to advise the class office.
Please follow the instructions your country takes to fight against this thread and lets hope this go away soon and we can enjoy our Soling


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2020 Europeans Late August

written by Matias Collins  on  April 30  of  2020 and read by 166

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The fleet at the Zipfer trophy
@ Irene Schanda

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The 2020 Soling European Championship was initially scheduled to be held at Warnemunde's traditional sailing week event at the beginning of July..
Due to the COVID-19 situation the whole sailing week was postponed for the year of 2021. Leaving the class with no option than to cancel the event or try to re-schedule it.

The UYCAs from lake Attersee, came up to help, jumping in to host the event in case there is a chance to sail the one, as no one at the moment knows what will happen with the current world situation, this attempt could also fail, but the class wanted to keep alive the possibility to host its major event in Europe for the current year.

The Notice of race for the event was released while the event website is in working progress. You find the one here:

The ISA thanks all efforts being made by the yacht club and the Soling sailors around the lake to keep this event alive, hoping that luck is in our side allowing everyone to attend the event and have fun in the clear and drinkable water of Attersee.

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