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Dear Soling Sailors

Many events are being cancelled, please stay tune and checking the racing calendar.
European Championship cancelled (Warnemunde, GER - July) the ISA intention is to move the one later in the year together with another event already scheduled, stay tune.
Netherlands - April and May (Aalsmeer & Muiden), Germany - Omega Cup sailed early May, USA have moved the North American Championships from April to October, Argentina moved the Argentine Championship from March to May , Canada cancelled the Ontario Championships in May, Spain cancelled the Autonomic Championship in April.
If you host a regatta and the one is being cancelled do not forget to advise the class office.
Please follow the instructions your country takes to fight against this thread and lets hope this go away soon and we can enjoy our Soling Sailing.



North American Championship Cancelled

The Chesapeake Soling Fleet and Severn Sailing Association (SSA) have cancelled the 2020 Soling North Americans planned for April 22 thru 26 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As stated previously, the SSA Board of Governors has approved rescheduling the event from October 21 thru October 25, 2020. The Soling Chesapeake Fleet will submit a request for approval of a revised schedule to the ISA Championship Committee shortly.

On behalf of the Chesapeake Soling Fleet, all best wishes and be safe.


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Class Rule Changes

written by Matias Collins  on  February 25  of  2020 and read by 449

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Carbon now allowed at the rig, but respecting other parts of the original rule.

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Dear Soling Sailors
World Sailing just approved and made effective on March 1st of 2020 the Class Rule changes requested by the ISA Committee and endorsed by the Annual General Meeting past 2019 annual meetings held in La Baule, France, during the 2019 Soling World Championship, the ones are related to allow carbon composite in other parts of the rig.

These new changes will allow Carbon on Main and Spinnaker boom allowing new technology and providing more options for replacements in case of material failure.
For developers: Carbon is allowed but other specifications remains the same, please carefully check them.
Please duly note the full new rules are posted at:

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