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Scandinavian Open Notice of Race published

Tonsberg Seilforening released today the Notice of race for the 2020 Scandinavian Open:
Notice of Race



2020 ISA Annual Meetings announced

As required on ISA constitution item 5.3.5 the office announce the AGM and ACM for 2020 to be held on October 17th, date replacement of the original first scheduled past 2019 meetings on September.
check for more at the article.



Zipfer Trophy and Europa Cup NoR Updated

The Zipfer Trophy and Europa Cup has updated their Notice of Race, event that originally was scheduled to be the European Championship, this one cancelled by the ISA mainly because a high % of teams can't travel and or could not have practiced before the competition due to the COVID situation.
22 Entries already have been made from GER, AUT, HUN, ITA and USA please check this new Notice of race.
Looking forward to see you next end of summer enjoying the Soling.
Zipfer Trophy Information


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The 2019 ranking (SWT) has a new winner, Martin Zeileis (AUT)

written by Matias Collins  on  December 30  of  2019 and read by 951

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Martin at the middle hiking sailing with Roman Koch and Bjorn Geisler the 2015 South American Championship in Argentina

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2019 saw a surprise regarding the SWT (Soling World Trophy) winner, while most times it is a helm-person or team who wins the award, a system that started that way at the earliest days with IYRU and then ISAF calculating the ranking and continued through all the Olympic period, but then stopped in 2001 when the class "lost" its Olympic status and the ISA had no system.

After that the ISA created its own system, including the crew pointing as well; An idea that World Sailing followed for all Olympic classes using the same concept some years later, - who would tell the Soling class doesn't innovate?.

The surprise of this year was the victory once more by a crew member, situation not usual but it can happen: Dr. Martin Zeileis (55), he adds his name not only to other Soling crews but also to a long list of fantastic sailors worldwide that include Olympic and World Champions.

Martin, originally an Austrian lake sailor, sailed in both fresh - and saltwater with three different helms-persons during 2019. All his drivers are excellent sailors, allowing Martin to continuously rank high at the Soling regattas. It also lead Martin to place 190th at the crew worldwide in the SSL ranking, another system that also imitated the Soling class pointing the crew at the events, but it counts all events in all classes and mix them. Martin could soon be called to sail the Star sailors league. Congratulations Martin, keep up the great sailing and amazing traveling!

ISA Class President Michael Dietzel with the help of Rudy den Outer found what would be the new SWT trophy a former half hull awarded to the ISA after the Olympics in Tallin. Plaques from all past winners will be engraved and placed with the half hull. Trophy to be displayed at a designated Yacht Club related to the winner.

The ISA ranking winners at each region were:
Europe – Martin Zeileis (AUT)
North America – Peter Hall (CAN)
South America – Nelson Ilha & Manfredo Floricke (BRA)

A big note here where Manfredo Floricke the best Soling crew member placed at the SSL Ranking (81) since he also sails other classes & Nelson Ilha the best Helmsperson placed at the SSL Ranking (74)

ISA Ranking rules are found here:

The ISA wishes all sailors a Happy New Year and that more fight for their place at the SWT trophy... you need to travel and sail... what could be best?

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Martin in the middle sailing with Karl and Irene Haist at the Europeans 2019 - Lake Garda

Martin in the middle sailing with Karl and Irene Haist at the Europeans 2019 - Lake Garda

Martin receiving from class president Michael Dietzel the new SWT Trophy

Martin receiving from class president Michael Dietzel the new SWT Trophy

Martin at his office near Linz (AUT)

Martin at his office near Linz (AUT)

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Rudy den Outer

January  1 of 2020

Thanks !

Martin Zeileis

December  30 of 2019

Gratuliere - Congratulations !

Matias Collins

December  30 of 2019