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Zipfer Trophy and Europa Cup NoR Updated

The Zipfer Trophy and Europa Cup has updated their Notice of Race, event that originally was scheduled to be the European Championship, this one cancelled by the ISA mainly because a high % of teams can't travel and or could not have practiced before the competition due to the COVID situation.
22 Entries already have been made from GER, AUT, HUN, ITA and USA please check this new Notice of race.
Looking forward to see you next end of summer enjoying the Soling.
Zipfer Trophy Information



Erich Hirt Preis event confirmed

The next Erich Hirt Preis, was confirmed today by the Bayerische Yacht Club.
To be held at the Starnbergsee lake from July 31 to August 2.
Where the Bradwurst shall be present to give the special touch at the German Soling season start.
Entries can be done at the link in the button:

Erich Hirt Preis Online Entry



2020 Worlds, Continentals and Ranking cancelled!!

Dear Soling Sailors

Worlds, Continentals and the Ranking have been cancelled for 2020, by early July the ISA will be announcing which events are being held at the second semester, hopefully situation allow many to sail and have fun.

We are glad to inform that 5 Solings have taken part in Norway at a race this past weekend, and next week the first regatta will be held in Spain. While some clubs are opening its doors in North America,

A statement has been released by the ISA executive at the following link:
ISA Executive Letter


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HUN 11 World Champion at his Odd Numbers

written by Matias Collins  on  September 28  of  2019 and read by 1160

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The champions
@ Jean Michel Roy

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The 2019 Soling World Championship finally conclude once more with great winds from the SouthWest, just a bit more rain that gave a rest in the afternoon allowing for a relaxing prize giving ceremony after a controlled chaos while lifting the fleet out of the water.

Litkey Farkas, Kristoff Joo and Peter Nemeth from team HUN 11 were crowned World Champions the fourth time to Farkas (13,15,17,19) after the last race placing during the day a 7th and a second enough to keep the lead ahead BRA 78 team Equilibrium with Nelson Ilha, Manfredo Floricke and Cuca Ilha who had a great day with a bullet and a third place.
In Third came FIN 46 wit Ekki Heinonen, Gabor Helmhout and Ties Verploeg who also had a great dayfinishing 4th and taking the other bullet of the day.

The racing during the week was tuff, with great surfing, a few incidents amongst boats, and mainly equipment failures who dismasted two Solings, plus many other many little things that will force owners look into the winter to prepare their boats for the next season.

The YCLB honored François Gombeaud with the Gert Bakker Trophy for his outstanding contribution to the French Soling Class and the event organization, off course with the help of his wife Anne-Isabelle who not only worked for the event, but also where host and sightseeing organizer for the sailor's wives.

The Classic trophy once donated by class secretary and awarded to the best placed team sailing in a boat built before January 1st 1980 was NED 49 with Han Van Veen, Nicky van Zon and Julian Hofman sailing the pink boat.

Tony Clare trophy for the best placed Woman was awarded to Eleanor Craig(19) sailing at USA 853 with Matias Collins and Robert Mountain, Ellie the first British citizen to win the throphy since donated by former ISA President Tony Clare from the UK.

The Grand Master bowl was awarded to CAN 225 with Peter Hall, Martin Zeileis and Scott McNeil

And a special trophy donated by the Bouet's family was awarded to the runner up the event BRA 78.

There were no young helm at this event, therefore the Paul Elvstrom trophy will wait for a contender next 2020 in Miwlaukee. During the week It was the perfect wind for the youngs, they could feel the 1 Ton Soling behave like a 470 or other dinghie, responsive, fast, surfer and extreme but very .. very powerful .

The 2019 Soling World Championship is supported by Pays de la Loire, FFvoile, Decatlon.

KWINDOO Infotainments is a system based on smartphones for both the sailors and the fans. Using it sailors can be followed in near-real-time by the race organizer and fans of sailing.
After racing, they get insight into the route taken, details of their performance and option of comparing these to selected opponents.
For the fans, KWINDOO Live View app is available freely for both major systems, iPhones and Androids. After downloading the Live view app friends and all those interested
can follow the races in real-time or see replays any time later.
iPhone users use this link to the app store:
Android users use the link to the Google Play Store:

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