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Nine countries at the top 10 after the third day racing.

written by Matias Collins  on  September 25  of  2019 and read by 997

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Team HUN 11 leads the championship with all results at the top 5 but it follows BRA 78 and CAN 225 who had a great day today in much lighter winds but ugly rain.

Despite a bad forecast with strong winds, that have gone over the night, only the soft rain remained, the wind initially was from Northwest and then moved to the West and the intensity varied from 7 to 11 knots.

The first race boats that started at the pin end and tacked early like CAN 225 got the lead early over those who opted to start at the committee boat. FRA 198, HUN 11 followed CAN 225 at the rounding mark but it was FRA 198 with the local knowledge who at the end won the race leaving HUN11 and CAN 225 behind. This result consolidated the Hungarian team.

At the second race now more to the west the race was shorter, boats who started at the pin had an advantage but only tacking early no matter if in need to let a boat cross ahead, just to sail to the right. Boats on the left just mainly over stood the mark. Again HUN 11, BRA 78 and CAN 225 were in the fight and HUN 11 won their second bullet leaving behind BRA 78 and then CAN 225.

Teams were welcomed by the Yacht Club La Baule at the West Hotel for the championship dinner, whereas starter a salad with goat cheese, main course salmon and spaghetti and a dessert apple scramble with cream.

Thursday start scheduled for 1330, and two races planned.

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