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Soling Inspection at the 2019 Worlds in La Baule

written by François Gombeaud  on  September 16  of  2019 and read by 323

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Soling inspection at the 2018 World Championship

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The inspection/measurement procedure for the next Worlds have been prepared and you will find attached a map to explain how to get there!.

Unless you arrive earlier for training (see note 1 below), all teams should arrive first to a place called 'CTO' ; The one is a big warehouse, where we have the intention to check all the Solings; Even those using their bypass certificate or those who need the full inspection. The boats will have hull, keel, rudder and their spars (mast, boom and spinnaker pole) inspected.
Boats may be left at the 'CTO' during early and night arrivals, it is safe and there is enough space at the parking lot.

Once the whole process is completed and you have the ok from the Soling Class, the boat may be towed to the YCLB.

Sails, safety equipment will be checked at the Yacht Club, once done: the final registration of the teams will proceed by showing Insurance papers, the inspection papers, the doctor certificate, modifying entry list names, and personal data if needed, paying the missing fees, acquiring extra dinner tickets, lunch, etc.
The Organization suggests teams to fill the identification data required at the event measurement forms before the traveling to La Baule.
1. A doctor will be there a few hours per day, in order to deliver medical certificate if need be. The cost for this is 27€ (fixed price in France).
2. For boats with insufficient insurance coverage, FFVoile offers a complement for 10€ that can be contracted at the Club.
After registration and inspection is completed the boats can be craned, either by a fixed crane or a mobile crane (depending on the tide).

Depending your choice, your trailer will be towed by a 4WD car onto the beach, close to the club, or by your own vehicle to 'CTO' (10 min drive from the YCLB)

1. If you arrive the week before, the fixed crane will be available where the tide is high enough; please indicate your time of arrival to to arrange the craning in;
2. If you arrive out of the Measurement opening times, you should leave your boat at CTO, where there is room enough.

Download event inspection forms from

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