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Fall Bowl

2020 Fall Series
Soling Bowl
Notice of Race
Severn Sailing Association Annapolis, Maryland October 24 & 25, 2020

1 Organizing Authority
The Organizing Authority is the Severn Sailing Association and the Chesapeake Soling Fleet.

2 Rules
The event will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) and the Severn Sailing Association Sailing Instructions. A COVID waiver will need to be signed by the skipper and each crew member as part of the registration process, COVID rules in effect for the State of Maryland will be enforced by SSA for participation in the event. Each competitor/crew assumes all risks regarding heath during and after the event by signing the participation waiver. Crew members who are not SSA members can sign the waiver at this link: .

3 Registration/Entry Fee
5.1. Registration shall be completed online at:
5.2 The entry fee is $30 USD per yacht for non-SSA members
5.3 The entry fee will cover launching and trailer storage during the event.

4 Sailing Instructions
The Sailing Instructions will be available online at this link: .

5 Schedule of Events
5.1 A skippers meeting will be held at 0930 on Saturday, October 24th on the club house steps. Only 1 representative from each yacht shall attend.
5.2 Fleet Racing:
-3 races Saturday October 24th, warning signal at 1100;
-2 races Sunday October 25th, warning signal at 1100; no warning signals shall be given after 1400.
5.3 No more than one race will be started on Saturday in addition to the schedule listed above, if necessary, to accomplish the number of races required to reach the event threshold. Four (4) races constitute an event.

6 Liability
The Severn Sailing Association, it's members, and/or any part or person, facilities, or equipment involved in the regatta, will accept no liability and responsibility for any personal or material damage sustained by any competitor prior to, during, or after the regatta. Each competing yacht shall carry insurance to participate in the event. Each competitor/crew assumes all risks regarding heath during and after the event by signing the participation and COVID waiver.

7 Notices: Notices to competitors will be posted on the SSA notice board by 0900 each race day.

8 Regatta Site
The regatta site is the Severn Sailing Association, 311 First St., Annapolis MD. Telephone: (410) 268 8744. Directions to Severn Sailing Association are available at the club website: .

9 Racing Areas
The racing area will be ESE of the mouth of the Severn River, in the Chesapeake Bay, as indicated on attachments to the Sailing Instructions.

10 Courses
The courses and sailing of courses will be as defined in the standard SSA sailing instructions.

11 Scoring
The low point scoring system, RRS Appendix A2 scoring system will apply. All races count towards a competitor's score. There is no throw-out race.

12 Penalties
RRS Rule 44 applies.

13 Prizes
To Be Determined

14 Additional Information
There are no social events planned. Please make plans to supply your own food and drink during the event. Social distancing and face masks are to be practiced and used while onshore. Use of face masks on each boat while on the water is up to each crew.

For additional information please call Andy Dize (443 822 9831) or (preferably) send an email to

15 Lodging
Due to COVID, lodging will not be able to be provided by local fleet members. Non SSA / out of town competitors will need to find housing.