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Brazilian Championship, summer is here

written by Matias Collins  on  February 11  of  2020 and read by 117

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The fleet at the Pedra Redonda race course
@Ricardo Pedebos

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The Veleiros do Sul yacht club and the Brazilian Soling Fleet located at Porto Alegre released the Notice of Race for the Brazilian Championship.

Sailing during summer and the steady breeze at the Pedra Redonda race course, South of Porto Alegre, can be quite gratifying ! Most times with only a T-shirt and for sure a cap + glasses to protect from the sun.

The Brazilian fleet one of the strongest in the class, is a result of a very important training base coming from Olympic and International classes, and a commitment from a club to support the class as a fleet, in the social aspect and in the technical one, they use the major course standards, and they enjoy the sailing with 20+ knots. In confidence if you speak with many of them, they would like reaching to be included again at the race course.

If you are not close but do want to sail the event, please contact the fleet, I m sure they will manage to organize something so you can take part at the one.

Notice of race here

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