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Soling North Americans Championship

SSA, Annapolis (MD), October 20st to 23st,

Soling North Americans Championship
SSA, Annapolis (MD), October 20st to 23st,



Soling North Americans Championship
SSA, Annapolis (MD), October 20st to 23st,


To My Soling Friends: McNulty Cup - Milwaukee Yacht Club celebrating 150 year anniversary

Margot, William and I are deeply appreciative of the opportunity and privilege to visit our Soling family in Milwaukee for the McNulty Cup, June 18 – 20, 2021. Our last race was the September 2019 Worlds in La Baule!?! Maybe even a little emotional now! We had a great time. 6 races of which 3 races Saturday were in 14 – 18 knots crazy seas and waves especially on port tack, and 3 races Sunday in 6 – 10 knots. Dave Baum hosted a taco dinner, margarita drinks (and anything else to drink you wanted!?) and John Strassman as PRO and his team of volunteers did a fantastic job of managing the 6 races between storms, wind shut off, and rain. Thanks John and the Milwaukee Yacht Club.
We really look forward to the Worlds September 16 – 19, 2021 and helping celebrate with a pinnacle event, the MYC and its 150 years of fun sailing. We believe 15 – 18 boats will participate, including some Europeans (Sandor, Rudy, Michael, Martin, etc), a few Canadians and 10 – 12 Americans. New registration starting this week! Matias can help those challenged by the entry process. If I left out any potential competitors, I am sorry but please register!
Most importantly, I would like to thank Rear Commodore Paul McGuan for his leadership of the McNulty Cup and the 2021 Worlds! Did I mention that Diana and Paul are newly retired/revitalized and dreaming of their first European Soling regatta in 2022?
A few honorable mentions at the McNulty Cup. Bengt Hagstrom is a new Soling helmsperson and raced for the first time. Ashley and Arielle Henderson showed girl power in 18 knots of breeze, and some bruises along the way! John Kennedy improved each race and found some joy in relearning old lessons of his last 50 years sailing in Solings. Young Charlie Kamps – a Soling legend and multiple winner of the McNulty Cup showed up 3 times at the Milwaukee boat park to entertain the Soling family with his great stories; the Europeans a few years ago when he finished 3rd at around 83 years young, and son Toby meeting King Olav of Norway at the Hanko Worlds in 1977!!
Detailed race information and results can be found under Dave Baum’s article . Everyone had fun, improved, and learnt more about Milwaukee waves!
I also want to thank my great crew of Scott McNeil and Will Hall who helped me pull ropes as I continue for the next 6 months on my pathway to 90% recovery of my arms.
As a Councillor for North American at World Sailing, I am encouraged by the Tokyo Olympics, Enoshima Olympic Sailing Competition, and the weekly good news in all regions for more racing. Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, and Hungary and now USA are starting to have more fun with Soling friends and local Soling racing. No need for large public gatherings. Just beer!!
News in North America is targeting opening of the US – Canada boarder progressively around July 21, allowing people with 2 vaccinations to cross boarder without quarantining. Margot and I had no trouble crossing into Quebec with a negative Covid test and having been double vaccinated. Only comments were how beautiful Obelix is!
As your Championship Chair. I wish all of you a fun summer in the northern hemisphere or winter in the southern hemisphere including some Soling racing. 2021 will be better than 2020. We hope to meet some Soling friends at the Zipfer Trophy in Attersee, August 20 – 22, the Worlds in Milwaukee, Sept 16-19, the Europeans on Lake Como September 30 - October 3, and the North Americans in Annapolis Oct 29 – 31.

Best regards,
Happy Sailing in Summer 2021

Peter Hall, CAN 225
P.S. I encourage everyone to send Matias Soling pictures and short articles on Soling FUN in their region.

Paul McGuan - McNulty reloads the Worlds
Dave Baum's report on the McNulty

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CAN 225 leading a race at the 2021 McNulty
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