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Soling North Americans Championship

SSA, Annapolis (MD), October 20st to 23st,

Soling North Americans Championship
SSA, Annapolis (MD), October 20st to 23st,



Soling North Americans Championship
SSA, Annapolis (MD), October 20st to 23st,


Letter from ISA Vice President - Peter Hall

Hi Soling Sailors
Trust you and your families are safe and healthy. Ski season here in Canada is ending and dreams of Soling racing in 2021 are upon us, including the Europeans in Santander (June), North Americans in Annapolis (October), South Americans in Porto Alegre (November) and the Worlds in Milwaukee (September). The Soling Championship Committee is recommending that local and regional racing proceed as Clubs and National Soling associations determine if conditions are safe and Covid manageable.
For international races, the Soling Executive and Championship Committee will consult with the Organizing Authority for each event and make a final recommendation to go/no go roughly one to two months before each event.

We are all monitoring the progression of Covid and variants, and each country and region has different successes with vaccine rollouts, vaccine supply, and containing new variants. We note that the IOC and World Sailing are proceeding with the Olympics in Japan and some qualifier Events in Portugal in March and April. We hope that warmer weather, more vaccines, and better masking and physical distancing will improve the safety of events this summer.

CAN 225 admits openly that 2020 was long, tough and without any Soling racing. We missed our Soling friends. We noted that the Zipfer Trophy in Lake Attersee took place safely in August 2020 with 28 boats and the excellent organizing by UYCAs and Ludwig’s team.

Each Organizing Authority will take the necessary precautions and follow local guidelines for safe racing. In my opinion, Soling racing IS SAFE AND FUN, and particularly good for mental health. Gatherings and dinner parties probably need to wait until 2022 – big year of Chiemsee Worlds, Kiel week(OOGG anniversary), and Attersee Europeans. Beer drinking at a distance and usually self supplied!! Launching and takeout well organized, slower, and spaced out! Respect and freedom with Responsibility.

CAN 225 registered for the Europeans today, and we trust that at least another 5-8 boats will register bringing the total to approximately 18-20 competing boats. Your Championship Committee and Executive plan to discuss with the Organizing Authority, the Santander safety and Covid conditions in April (deadline for early entry!).
Presently, we acknowledge challenges with new variants particularly in Italy, France and German – and difficulties with vaccine supply, rollout, and logistics. Air travel, visas and quarantining are also factors to consider. In North America, many Soling sailors are already vaccinated, and all should be vaccinated by early June. Your Soling Championship committee has hopes for racing in 2021. We encourage you to relook at the Soling video from 2015, and various videos for European Championships.

The Soling class will get through Covid together. Happy Soling Sailing. Stay safe. Sail Safe!

Best regards,
Peter Hall
Soling Championship Chair.

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