William Abbott Sr. North American Championship 2016
June 23 to 26
Sarnia, Canada
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CAN 1 Bill Abbott , Paul Davis and Joanne Abbott win
It was the best sailing day two races with 10 to 14 knots coming from the south.

CAN 1 with Bill Abbott, Paul Davis and Joanne Abbott won both races with authority claiming the North American Champion title for 2016.

CAN 225 with Peter Hall, Ross Findlater and William Hall finished in second after a great championship and having chances up to the last race.

CAN 230 with Thomas Fogh, Roger Cheer and Gord Devires despite a bad last race ended at the third place.
GER 11 with Michael Dietzel, Martin Zeileis and Hannes Ramoser finished fourth and took the classic prize sailing an Abbott 1969 (mistaken made on previous

Amended by MC **
The Red fleet - first division Van Dyke's trophy to the team that half through the championship ( second day ) were in the bottom half places and from there improved to win over this fleet. The fighting allowed to jump into the Blue fleet, CAN 236 with Bill Haliburtin ,Stephen Mcdonah and Terry Booth won it and together with fabulous prize a new UK jib and bag, their final result was 7th overall.

Joanne Abbott was the best woman placed and sailed against Anne Marie Villan (CAN 226) and Coralie Thomas (USA 852).

Charlie Kamps sailing USA 832 with Vytas Kasiunas and John Bailey was honored with his 84 years of experience and being the best US boat at the event.

The Worlds will be in Kingston, next September, see you all there.

Complete Results

Sunday  June  26 of 2016
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