William Abbott Sr. North American Championship 2016
June 23 to 26
Sarnia, Canada
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A perfect day for the Local Heroes – CAN 1
The summer arrived in Sarnia, full sun, light winds from the North from 5 to 10 knots and sufficient to the PRO Scott Munro and his team accomplish three more races at the Huron Lake.

Sailors went out after having last night a nice opening ceremony at the SYC club house, excellent food, many people honoring Chief’s birthday and a Sailing parade just in front of the club.

But today CAN 1 with Bill Abbott, Paul Davis and Joanne Abbott did show their Soling knowledge and the local conditions. They managed to get all three bullets and none in an easier way, battle with CAN 230 Thomas Fogh, Roger Cheer and Gord Devries taking two seconds and a 5th in the last race of the day were sufficient to climb into third overall. CAN 225 with Peter Hall, William Hall and Ross Findlater had also a good day with finishes 4, 3, 3 enough to keep the second place overall.

The day note was also to CAN 210 with Ken Davy, Richard Boyles and Steve Lacey with finishes of 3, 5, 4.
The German team GER 11 with Michael Dietzel, Martin Zeileis and Hannes Ramoser did not have the best day but they still are 4th overall sailing an old Tyler from 1969.

Tonight sailors were invited to a typical Canadian barbecue at Steve Lacey’s house as part of the social parties amongst the Soling friends.

The best US team is USA 832 with the Veteran Charlie Kamps, Jon Bailey and Vytas Kasiunas in 6th place overall but showing his strength with a second in the third race of the day.

Tomorrow the start will be at 11am, the forecast for tomorrow is not good, really light winds, hot and lots of Sun !.

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