Ideas on how to rebuild your fittings Layout?

written by Matias Collins  on  September 29  of  2005 and read by 13653

This is probably the article 60% of actual ISA members are waiting for a long time, The artcile it self will have nothing since it is too complex to write a single article and provide maybe 10% of what top sailors world wide took at least 15 years of development with their coachs, builders, etc.
To better restore/improve your boat I spent a lot of time restoring old Soling and copying from the best boats, taking notes, pictures, etc.
The result was already seen in our 2004/5 Soling Sailing where a 3D design of a soling show where and wich type of fittings should be used to better handle the Mast rake and Forward movement.
Now we offer here only to ISA members 4 more 3D designs, completing the series and all layouts.

This manual is only available in PDF format at the moment and takes a while to download.
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I have to thanks a few owners who made me work over their boats and also other ones who did similar jobs and sent me details on how they did it.