Warm season starts with a nice Soling weekend race

The Solings in Argentina initially scheduled to race over the multi-class event at the traditional sailing week in downtown Buenos Aires fantastically organized by the Argentine Yacht Club (YCA) decided that the full program to share with little classes was too difficult not appealing to them since the Fleet is in rebuilding moment with young incorporation new owners, etic, and none is based in downtown.

8 Solings attended to the race on Saturday and 7 on Sunday, the wind was much better than expected from Northwest, the water level of the river also helped a lot permitting the race quite close to where most of the fleet came from and the temperatures were more like summer than early spring, a nice t-shirt sailing mode.

On Saturday 7 to 13 knots and on Sunday 5 to 10 knots of winds, 8 races were sailed, none too long, 4 races each day that had a true fight at the lead amongst the winner ARG 32 sailed by Warburg, Celedoni and Weppler and ARG 34 sailed by Cappagli, Moore and Padilla, this team with great starts. In third came USA 853 sailed by Collins, Hasenclever and Busetti and which had a bad start on first day and improved for the second. ARG 31 with the brothers Azcueta and Daneri were the candidates on Saturday being ahead in many races and then losing the lead, unfortunately they couldn't sail on Sunday, the fight would have been much more difficult at the top.

The class gives a special mention and thanks to Matias Roldan, young 420 sailor who did a great job alone being the Race Officer, laying the marks and managing to obtain 8 races in a weekend for the Soling class.

The next event in Argentina will be on October 29 and 30.