Vittorio Porta Trophy - Match Race event

written by Massimo Cattaneo  on  July 26  of  2022 and read by 148

The 14th Porta Trophy organized by AVAS in Match Race formula  was held on 23 and 24 July in the waters overlooking Lovere (Lake Iseo).
The four crews confronted each other over the two days with the Round Robin formula, combining the spectacularity of the event, organized in the water mirror in front of the Lovere promenade, with great fun for the participants.
In the finals held on Sunday, the AVAS crew composed of Michele Campagnoni, Davide Arata and Simone Campagnoni preceded the mixed crew composed of Marco Colombo (CVB), Giovanni Di Vincenzo (CVB) and Marco Giannini (AVAS). They won the title, following duels with an unspecified outcome until the finish.
In third place was the AVAS crew composed of Massimo Cattaneo, Agostino Pizzetti and Andrea Serlini. They  finished ahead of the AVAS crew with Chiara Rossi, Giuseppe Oldrati and Alfonso Milisenda.
The crews raced alternating on ITA 194 and ITA 209 assigned by drawing lots.
The AVAS organization, welcoming and warm as always, was also very efficient in managing the match race event. The wind, always between 10 and 15 knots in the two days, completed the picture of an event that entertained crews, the Jury Committee and spectators.