Tiago Quevego - 20 years - 2021 Brazilian Champion - his words

written by Matias Collins  on  September 14  of  2021 and read by 135

"It was an excellent experience; I had never sailed a Soling. A boat super tactical and the whole fleet have similar speeds, both upwind and downwind, so whoever wins mainly is because made less mistakes. My crew was full of knowledge and training by sailing so many years in the class, this made easy my presence in the boat, at the maneuvers, etc."
With these words the 20-year-old Tiago Quevedo the newest Brazilian Champion in the Soling Class starts his interview.
The strong tradition from the ‘Veleiros do Sul' at the Soling class achieved one more special chapter in its trajectory after the last edition of the Brazilian Championship held on August 27 to 29 at the Guaiba river waters.
Tiago won the event sailing Down Let Me Down together with Frederico Sidou and Andre Renard both the faithful crew of BRA 86 belonging to VDS commodore Cicero Hartmann who couldn't attend the event, joining together youth and experience in the class to embrace the title.
This title is one more of many Tiago has won like being twice Brazilian Champion at the Optimist class, Laser Brazilian Champion, and many other events. And the victory at the Soling class, his first time couldn't be better achieving 4 bullets out 6 races reason the sailor emphasize the crew work. He also remarks that the contact with the Soling in soft , medium and heavy winds were healthy and pleasant. His quick adaptation coming from Laser and 49er was a must to make this possible.
Tiago commented after winning the event: "The sensation was optimal, couldn't be better, event jumping in the boat at the very last moment, we could sail well, make good starts, and made a few mistakes only. It is amazing to give this first step in the class with a victory"
At the end Tiago explains what the class can provide to all sailors: "It is a class that can reach any type of sailor, from a professional to a starter, it allows you to learn from the boat all kinds of things, its functions and also from the races itself because all boats are quite similar in speed and with many boats around it becomes really fun."

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