Sandor Varjas, Laszlo Kovasci and Gabor Meretei HUN 1, The Zipfer Trophy and Hungarian Champions

written by Matias Collins  on  August 22  of  2021 and read by 435

The win escaped from the Hungarian team past 2020, but this time it was time to payback and not only the Hungarian Championship trophy but also the Zipfer trophy ended in their hands, after 4 light air races sailed only on Saturday, because Friday also had no wind.

Teams were waiting for a possible Southern wind to fill in, but the sun was stronger and only scared the morning rain away not allowing the wind to fill in.

Team Steinbach - AUT 7 with Florian Felzmann, Michael Felzmann, and Stephan Beurle followed HUN 1 by just one point. And the podium was complete with the “windsniffer” GER 308 with Karl Haist, Martin Zeileis and Irene Haist. Irene winning the perpetual trophy in honor to Margund Schuh a local Soling lover who owned AUT 135, a boat often used by the multiple winner Argentine team (ARG 32) with Gustavo Warburg .

AUT 139 with Andreas Blaschke, Hannes Blaschke and Heino Risch from lake Wolfgangsee were the second-best Austrian team, while AUT 135 former Margund's boat sailed by David Schuh, Lorenz Pichler, Tobais Schuh finished 8th completing the Austrian trident.

The Ukranian team UKR 46 sailed by Dymitry Yarovoy, Roman Marchenko and Yevhenil Didyk did a great job on their first international Soling regatta finishing in 6th just under USA 853 sailed by Matias Collins, Andreas Baumüller and Lea Rabale.

The girls from Berlin also had their great international debut GER 324 Carolin Schaaff, Niki Finck and Frederike Westphalen finishing 13th .

It was a great attendance that will for sure promote the events coming into 2022 when the COVID is more manageable, since the one won't leave us so soon, but at least sailing is quite safe and possible.

The upcoming event in the class will be the German Open, in the VSAW, Berlin on 24,25,26 September.

The class is lucky to have clubs like the UYCAs making the tremendous effort to organize such a great event, we thank the one and all the volunteers which under Gert Schmidleitner's instructions makes this possible.