Great attendance at the Paris Open

Despite the current situation, Parisiennes took the time to sail their traditional Paris Open event, crowding the river Seine with Solings who fiercely challenge the winds and the river current.
The crowd who missed the participation of French class secretary François Gombeaud, who suffered a big crash with his Soling two weeks ago and was at the gossip news everywhere in the French nautical publications, a true example on how J Skis are quite dangerous if not handled properly. Luckiest no one had injuries and the damage was mainly the Soling with a possible total destruction and it didn't sink because it was returning to port and quite close to the crane.

Anyway, in Paris the fleet still boosted by past Worlds held in La Baule, had the participation former Olympian and AC Challenger member Jean Marie Le Guillou who suffered the most in the last race where he wasn't able to finish, failing to 4th in the podium.

It was the experienced local crews who took the advantage of the river knowledge with the brothers Ribadeau Dumas Eric and Emmanuel sailing FRA 200 to win the event with the following results 1, 6, 5 and 2 followed by past winning team FRA 181 the brothers Godest Herve and Patrick together with Olivier Guerin who had the following finishes: 6,3,2,3 and in third FRA 165 Jean Christophe Rouja and Jean Patrice Camuzat scoring an impressive evolution with 9,5,4,1.
Fourth place and visitor FRA 64 with Jean Marie Le Gillou and and Louis Etienne du Reau had a 8, 1, 3 and DNF.

Nothing can change the experience to stay overnight at the Yacht Club, with their dinner celebration and then in the next morning and open your window and enjoy the famous river who later will attempt more races for the event.

The French fleet gains some momentum expecting their next event if situation permits at Angers.