Maintenance tip 1 to perform during COVID 19

written by Rudy den Outer  on  May 25  of  2020 and read by 194

The last couple of weeks I was able to spent some time in maintenance on the NED 33.
Besides removing obsolete fittings and replacing ropes I did some cleaning. The picture shows that even a 25 years old soling can have showroom shine.

In addition to that I am in the process of scanning all old hardcopy material bases like Soling Guides and Soling Sailing. It struck me that every other year a small article was printed about checking and replacing the lifting cables of the boat.
<strong>Maybe this COVID-19 situation is a good time to do this check and replace them.</strong> In general it is a good advice to replace them every 5 years or so. If you want to save some weight in the process you can also make the choice to make detachable lifting slings that you can hook on to your keel bolds.

Please stay healthy and away from braking lifting slings.