Past Soling Guides & Soling Sailing Magazines

written by Rudy den Outer  on  November 4  of  2019 and read by 734

At this moment the Communications Committee through Rudy den Outer is making progress with the inventory of all ISA publications (Soling Guides, Soling Manuals and Soling Sailing issues) since 1970 to the present.
All publications will be scanned and published on .
Some Soling Guides and Soling Sailings are already available under the publication tab (login required).

Unfortunately it looks like we are missing a few issues of Soling Sailing therefore we need the help from some Sailors who might have the ones..
Please check your archive if you have one of the following Issues of Soling Sailing:

1980: Volume 7, Number 4
1982: Volume 9, Number 1
1983: Volume 10, Number 3
The 2003 first modern Soling Sailing issue released after the 2004 Worlds Championship held in Brazil (VDS).

If you have one of these publications please make a high quality scan of each page and mail it to ; / ; or send it by post to:
Rudy den Outer
De Gonzer 5
The Netherlands

Also scans or copies of "Windkante" and " Leading Edge " are more than welcome!