ISA Membership - updates for 2024

written by Matias Collins  on  April 22  of  2019 and read by 9311

The ISA membership is very important, it helps to maintain yearly the structure of the class which controls the boats racing, organize the racing program, maintain the class status and subscribe to the World Sailing This to assure the long term stability and durability of the boat and the Class (One Design Concept); The Class Rules, which are carefully crafted and strictly administered, preventing boats becoming outclassed except by fair wear and tearafter about 10-12 years. This durability has maintained their high resale value even long after their racing life might seem to have ended.

On joining you will receive access in the website to check all articles once published at the Tuning Guide (the Soling Manual) that contains a distillation of articles previously published in our quarterly newsletter, Soling Sailing, and new issues of the latter publication as they are produced. You can also check the Soling Guide the Class Rules and other historical information. Besides that the class Secretary will help you on any kind of Soling issue, from taking part at your first event or even fixing your boat at your yard if possible.

The membership dues are valid for the year is paid
And it is divided mainly for members and boats, owners pay both, either through the ISA directly if resident in countries without an organized NSA (National Soling Association) or pay directly to their NSA that will have the responsibility to transfer their dues to the ISA.

The membership receipt is a yearly sticker to be glued at the boat, validating your boat certificate (ownership), and a card license to be presented at all major/international events where it will be required to all sailors owners and crew members. At local events, only the owner and the boat are required to have the dues paid.

Besides these items, yearly the ISA member receives the class annual Soling Sailing Magazine and acquire the credentials to log in at the website and check all kind of articles, post comments in available articles, rank at the ranking

There is a plan to increase annually the fees starting in 2024, to reach a total of 200 Euros, starting in 2024 with an increase of 40 euros meaning a total of 160 Euros for a team.
Boat Sticker: <s>45</s> since January 1st 2024 >> 55 Euros
Membership Card: <s>25</s> since January 1st 2024 >> 35 Euros
Values above are updated yearly at the ISA Annual Meetings, check with office for any recent updates.