Soling righting moment, stability, ORC certificate -updated

written by Jean-Pierre Marmier  on  October 20  of  2009 and read by 2450

After a great interest in this topic, Nicola Sironi has updated the Soling stability document found in the link below and also produced a ORC club certificate for the Soling
To those who want to calculate the rating for a Soling, this is possible and was time ago calculated for IMS.
Following there are two documents, one related to the righting moment calculation and the other related to the Soling data generated under the ORC program.
To those who thinks some of the date is not accurate or have changed somehow, please let the ISA office knows and we will contact Nicola Sironi (ORC - Chief measurer) to correct the datasheet.

The Symmetry of Sailing - The physics of Sailing for Yachtsmen - Ross Garret - ed, SHERIDAN HOUSE 1987

Nicola Sironi ( ORC - Chief Measurer )