2017 Soling North American Championship 2017 Soling North American
MYC, Milwaukee WI, August 24th to 27th,
MYC, WI, August 24th to 27th,

    25 September 2018 

Soling North American Championships - Day 3:

Day three of the Soling North American Championship featured the so called “very light winds” of Lake Michigan, which quite conveniently allowed for double hiking on all boats. Two full races were completed in proper Soling fashion – with waves that promoted surfing on the downwind.

Race one started with Peter Hall, William Hall and Gord Devries (CAN 225) managing a pin-end start that grew into a nice lead already at the first weather mark. After two days of waves with little possibility of surfing, boats were finally able to get rocking on the downwind. Roman Koch, Bend von Hoermann and Hermann Wegener (GER 1) was back on speed for the entire day and in close contention to the lead. Finally and in the round, Tyler Black, Ashley Henderson and Hays Formella (USA 601) was able to maneuver in front of GER 1 and finished in second place. Michael Dietzel, Hannes Ramoser and Connor Clafin (GER 11) on third.

Race two featured some more gusts that only enhanced the fun on downwind. CAN 225 knew which waves to pick for efficiently moving forward and positioned himself as the leading boat. GER 1 followed in second though was forced to shortly slow down after a crew took a swim around the downwind mark. This put USA 601 in second place with GER 11 to follow in third, yet the later could not capitalize on the given opportunity by having a troublesome rounding themselves – allowing for Mr. Charlie Kamps on USA 832 and together with Jon Bailey and Vytas Kasyunas to overtake showing once more, that experience pays off. In the end, CAN 225 won this race with USA 601 and GER 1 completing the podium.

In all, CAN 225 continues the domination atop of the leader board, GER 11 solidified efforts on securing a second place, and USA 816 maintains the third rank.
We look forward to what Sunday brings along – a storm with gusts of up to 30-40 Knots of wind is rumored.

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