2017 Soling North American Championship 2017 Soling North American
MYC, Milwaukee WI, August 24th to 27th,
MYC, WI, August 24th to 27th,

    25 September 2018 

Three races at the 2017 North American Championship

With a nice wind from 15 to 17 knots and big waves, Lake Michigan welcomed the competitors from three nations at the 2017 North American Championship being hosted by the Milwaukee Yacht Club.

At the beginning it was rainy, then cloudy and then sunny when CAN 225 with Peter Hall, William Hall and Gord Devries dominated the day obtaining three bullets despite Peter still under recovery of his leg.

It was USA 816 with Ross Richards, Patrick Richards and Drew Kosmoski who despite a slow start with an 8th then with a second and third became the closest leader follower just a point ahead GER 1 with Roman Koch, Martin Zeileis and Hermann Wegener who had 3rd, 9th and 2nd.

USA 785 with Dick Kenney, Mary Cimrmancic and Jim Wend from the MCSC had to retire due to damages in the boat, hopefully tomorrow they are back in the competition.

The results are provisory, some changes may happen as Race Committee is reviewing thethe scoring

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