2017 Soling North American Championship 2017 Soling North American
MYC, Milwaukee WI, August 24th to 27th,
MYC, WI, August 24th to 27th,

    25 September 2018 

Every Superheroes Dream: 2017 Soling North Americans

Holy Hotshots Batman! Soling citizens of the world unite! The Bat signal is shining bright in the sky over the waters of Lake Michigan. Commissioner Gordon needs a Soling fast! Itís a bird itís a plane itís Super Soling Sailor! Time to start this super hero story of fame, fortune and Beer! Yo Ho! There is something brewing in the deep dark depths of the Bat cave. The dynamic dual is putting the finishing touches on the fastest Soling known to mankind. Riddle me this Batman: I have billions of eyes, yet I live in darkness. I have millions of ears, yet only four lobes. I have no muscle, yet I rule two hemispheres. What am I? Iíve got it Robin: the human brain! Those Soling Sailors have massively smart brains! They are traveling to Milwaukee for forÖof course this one is a no brainer. To the Bat computer letís go! Ah yes I see warm weather, good breeze, hotties on the beach. Hold on to your Bat trousers Robin we havenít started racing yet! We must first log on and register for the 2017 SOLING NORTH AMERICANS! Must sign up Robin, must win, must use special Soling go fast powers to achieve maximum speed. Holy hoistamatic Batman! Itís another perfect day for sailing fast and protecting citizens of the world. Next stop the Milwaukee Yacht Club where on August 24th Ė 27th thousands of sports fans will watch to see what all the excitement out on the lake is about. They will bring their binoculars to the beautiful Bradford beach to see Soling history in the making. Itís a great time to drink Miller beer and watch some of the fastest sailors in the world race those super cool Solings! Did someone say BEER? Thatís right folks Milwaukee is the home of the Miller Brewing Company! Top Secret Soling Wife brings FREE BEER home from the Miller brewery. If you would like a case of FREE BEER come race the NAís where your housing is free and you wonít run out of beer.

A little history folks: The Soling has a strong history here in Milwaukee. The Soling was christened an Olympic boat in August of 1968 in Kiel, Germany. The next year Milwaukee Yacht Club hosted its first official regatta. The very first Soling North Americans were here in 1969; June of 1972 The Milwaukee Yacht Club hosted the United States Olympic Trials. Milwaukee Yacht Club´s Buddy Melges went on to win the first Olympic Gold Medal in Kiel Germany in 1972. In 1998 and 2012 MYC hosted the Soling World Championships. This year you yes you can also travel to the Netherlands and experience the magic at the Soling World Championship!

Holy handshakes Batman! Turbines to speed, rockets to power, ready to move out. To the Soling Bat Boat letís go!

Stay tuned same Bat channel same Bat time!

by Fleet Energizer David Crysdale

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