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1.1 The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS). Boats are urged to refrain from displaying
advertisements for businesses or products competing with those of the primary and support sponsors of the event.
1.2 The US Sailing Prescriptions to RRS 60, 63.2, and 63.4 shall not apply.
PFDs are required to be worn by individuals while racing aboard boats that do not have fixed keels. This modifies RRS 40. The wearing
of PFDs by individuals sailing aboard all other boats is encouraged.
3.1 The regatta is open to any boat that is either: a) an active member of a recognized class association for entry in this regatta’s OneDesign
classes, or; b) a boat that meets the criteria established for this regatta by the class coordinator for entry in a level class; and
provided that each class has a minimum entry of six boats. Each class with seven or more boats entered will be given its own start. The
Organizing Authority reserves the right to invite additional classes that do not meet all the requirements.
3.2 The Sperry Top-Sider NOOD Regattas are open to those boats whose Owner and/or Skipper is a current member of their National
Governing Body (US SAILING for USA members; to join call 1-800-877-2451.)
3.3 Easily removable bow stickers shall be attached to the forward 25% of both sides of the boat’s hull at all times while racing. The
stickers are to be carried with the top approximately 6”-10” below deck level and with the leading edge approximately 10”-20” aft of the
bow. Bow stickers will be provided in the Skipper’s package. The PC Class is excused from this requirement.
Entries shall be submitted on the official entry form or by entering on line at Classes shall meet eligibility
requirements no later than March 4th. Completed entry forms, with the entry fee, shall be mailed to Sperry Top-Sider NOOD REGATTA,
c/o Sailing World, 55 Hammarlund Way, Middletown, RI 02842 or fax 401-845-4412 and are not valid until accepted by the
Organizing Authority. Late entries may be accepted solely at the discretion of Sailing World. Late entries will be subject to a late
fee of $50.00 if received after March 1, 2013 at 5PM EST. Please note this date when sending faxes or mail. To receive a refund
or cancel your entry, please call 401-845-4412 by March 11th no refunds will be issued after this date.
Boat Size Entry Fee
up to 19’ $85
20’ to 26’ + Etchells $125
27’ - 30’ $135
31’ - 35’ $145
36’ and over $155
Party tickets - Purchased with entry or at registration $45
Party tickets are good for Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s Party.
Tickets will be $50 after registration.
NOOD Party Locations:
Friday, March 15 at Coronado Yacht Club
Saturday March 16 at San Diego Yacht Club Clubhouse
Sunday at San Diego Yacht Club Clubhouse
5.1 For all classes, Registration will as follows:
Thursday March 14, at Coronado Yacht Club, between 5:00-8:00pm
Friday, March 15, at Coronado Yacht Club between 9:00-10:00am
Friday, March 15, at SDYC between 9:00-11:00am
5.2 For classes competing 3 days, the Skipper’s Meeting will be held:
Friday, March 15 at Coronado Yacht Club at 10:00
Friday, March 15 at San Diego Yacht Club at 1100.
5.3 For classes only competing 2 days, a further registration will be held:
Saturday, March 16, at San Diego Yacht Club between 8:00-9:30.
5.4 For classes competing 2 days, the Skipper’s Meeting will be held:
Saturday, March 16, at San Diego Yacht Club at 9:00
5.5 Each boat owner or his/her representative must report to one of the set registrations to complete registration details.
5.6 Crew lists and waivers of liability must be submitted by registration. In order to complete the waiver form online, skippers
must complete the Crew List in the “Owner’s Corner” during the entry process. Subsequently, individual crew members will be
notified by email of their boat’s entry and those crew members must follow up when notified in order to complete the waiver.
No boat’s registration will be complete without a completed waiver form. In the event of a crew member substitution during the
regatta, the new crew member must submit a signed waiver of liability to the Organizing Authority prior to racing for that boat’s
entry to remain valid. Sailing Instructions will be available at Registration.Amendments to the Sailing Instructions will be posted
at San Diego Yacht Club and Coronado Yacht Club, by 0930 PST daily. It is the responsibility of each competitor to check the Official
Notice Board for any amendments or other notices.
Racing areas will be South San Diego Bay, Coronado Roads, and the Pacific Ocean off Point Loma. The number of racing areas,
specific locations and courses to be sailed will be provided in the Sailing Instructions. Class/Racing area assignments are subject
to entries received.
It is the intent of the Organizing Authority and the Race Committee to run as many races as practical on each day of racing up
to a maximum of ten races for the event. The first warning signal is scheduled for 1230 on Friday; and for 1130 on Saturday and
Sunday. No initial Warning Signal for a class will be made after 4:30P.M. on Sunday, March 17.
8.1 Measurement is not required, but each boat shall submit proof of holding a valid measurement certificate at registration if
required by the class.
8.2 Neither the Organizing Authority, the SDYC nor CorYC shall be responsible for conducting or administrating weigh-ins should
they be required by individual class rules. Local or national class associations shall be responsible for conducting weigh-ins if
8.3 For the J/80 and J/105 fleets only, current Sail Declaration Cards and Crew Declaration Forms must be submitted to, or on
file with the J/105 & J/80 class representative (see NOR 8.2) prior to the close of registration. An official crew weigh in scale
will be available during registration or at such time following registration as designated by the class representative (see NOR
8.2) for any crew that have not been previously weighed in. Sail and Crew Declaration forms are available at
Each boat’s series score will be the total of her scores. No races will be excluded. One race will constitute a series.
For protests involving an infringement of a Rule of Part 2 of the RRS, an Arbitration hearing may be held prior to the protest
11.1 Prizes will be awarded by class at SDYC as soon as possible after the completion of racing.
11.2 An award will be made to the boat which, in the opinion of the Organizing Authority and the Race Committee, had the best
overall performance during the 2013 San Diego Sperry Top-Sider NOOD Regatta
Every effort will be made to accommodate boats at each host venue, free of charge, for the regatta March 16-18. All boats/ any
fleet wishing to arrive any days preceding the event or depart any day following the event should contact their host venue directly
for permission. RSVP by March 12. Contact SDYC Dockmaster at (619) 758-6308 or, CorYC at (619) 435-1848.
Boats based at facilities other than these host venues should contact those facilities directly for all permissions.
Competitors give absolute right and permission for any photographs or video footage taken of themselves or their competing
boat to be published in any media whatsoever; for either editorial or advertising purposes, or to be used in press information.
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