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Fall Soling Bowl
Fall Soling Bowl
Notice of Race
Severn Sailing Association Annapolis, Maryland
October 21-22, 2017

1 Organizing Authority
The Organizing Authority is the Severn Sailing Association in Cooperation with the United States Soling Association (USSA) and the Chesapeake Soling Fleet.

2 Rules
The event will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) and the Severn Sailing Association Sailing Instructions.

3 Eligibility
3.1 The regatta is open to all Solings declared eligible by the International Soling Association (ISA), US Soling Association (USSA), Canadian International Soling Association (CISA) or their national Soling association. All skippers and crew must be 2017 members of the USSA, CISA, or the ISA. USSA membership application may completed at http://www.ussoling.com
3.2 All yachts entering the regatta must display the ISA sticker for the current year.

4 Registration/Entry Fee
5.1. Registration shall be completed online at: http://www.severnsailing.org/content.aspx?page_id=87&club_id=549086&item_id=400963.
5.2 The entry fee is $135 USD per yacht. Registration fee may be paid online or onsite prior to the competitor’s meeting onsite. On-line registration and payment is recommended.
5.3 The entry fee will cover post-race beer and snacks (oysters) on Friday and Saturday, launching and trailer storage during the event, and pre-award beer and snacks on Sunday, awards and a gift for each yacht competing.

6 Sailing Instructions
The Sailing Instructions shall be available at the SSA clubhouse main room at registration and the skippers meeting.

7 Schedule of Events
7.1 A competitor’s meeting will be held at 0930 on Saturday, October 21st on the clubhouse steps.
7.2 Fleet Racing:
3 races Saturday October 21st, warning signal at 1100;
2 races Sunday October 22nd, warning signal at 1100; no warning signals shall be given after 1400.
7.3 No more than one race will be started per day in addition to the schedule listed above if necessary to accomplish the number of races required to reach the 5-race threshold.

8 Safety
Random inspections for class safety rules may be conducted at any time during the regatta. All competing vessels shall conform to the ISA class measurements. Additional safety requirements are listed in the SSA Standard Sailing Instructions.

9 Liability
The Severn Sailing Association and/or any part, person involved in the regatta, will accept no liability and responsibility for any personal or material damage sustained prior to, during, or after the regatta. See the Sailing Instructions for additional information.

10 Notices: Notices to competitors will be posted on the SSA notice board by 0900 each day.

11 Regatta Site
The regatta site is the Severn Sailing Association, 311 First St., Annapolis MD. Telephone: (410) 268- 8744. Directions to Severn Sailing Association are available at the club website: www.severnsailing.org.

12 Racing Areas
The racing area shall be ESE of the mouth of the Severn River, in the Chesapeake Bay, as indicated on attachments to the Sailing Instructions.

13 Courses
The courses and sailing of courses will be as defined in the standard SSA standard sailing instructions.

14 Scoring
The low point scoring system, RRS Appendix A2 scoring system will apply. There are five (5) races scheduled. Three (3) races completed shall constitute a regatta. All races shall be counted towards the final standing. There will be no throw-out race.

15 Penalties
RRS Rule 44 applies.

16 Prizes
The perennial Fall Soling Bowl trophy will be awarded to the first place team. Trophies will be awarded to the first, second, and third place teams.

17 Additional Information
Lunch and breakfast are available for purchase at the SSA Food Service Concession. Reservations for Lunches can be made via email to ctccatering@mail.com or at the Food Service Concession the day before they are needed.

For additional information please call Andy Dize (443-822-9831) or (preferably) send an email to adize@sprint.blackberry.net.

18 Lodging
Lodging with local sailors is available on a first come, first serve basis, or at the following local hotels. Contact Henry Thomas (609) 273-3723 for housing information.

Best Western Annapolis (410) 222-2800
Courtyard by Marriott (410) 246-1555
Days Inn & Suites of Annapolis (410) 222-4317
Hampton Inn & Suites (410) 571-0200

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