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BRA 73 Nehm, Pinto Ribeiro and Mueller again Brazilian Champions
The wind came really strong over the weekend, making the race officer Odecio Adam cancel the races on Saturday after measuring over 30 knots out in the race course, the strong wind, low visibility and rain made teams gather together at the Veleiros Do Sul, hoping for a better outcome on Sunday which had the first start time re-scheduled for 1100hs.

Like a miracle the wind was strong but allowed to complete the three races with ISA standard courses (3 laps and the mini reach). BRA 73 team Tramontina and Equinautic showed they had the power to revive after retiring on the last race at the first day. They got a bullet in the first race of the day, then a second and again another bullet, with the discard left them to win again for third time consecutive the event.

BRA 78 with Ilha, Floricke and Goldmeier had a great day, obtaining the reminaing bullet in the second race and other two second places, kicking themselves up to finish second at the championship.

BRA 86 with Hartman, Sidou and Renard couldnít keep their second overall after the first day, but manage to stay in the podium, BRA 45 team El Demolidor instead had the biggest drop from first to finish 4th obtaining three 4th places during the day.

The winner at the Masterís was GER 11 with Dietzel, Zeileis and Dietzel who experienced difficulties to sail the strong winds, in an unkown boat and a team that not often sail together.

The next event in South America will be the CNMP Anniversary regatta with the Solings sailing in Mar del Plata (Argentina) again for the first time since the late 70í. 8 boats already confirmed presence, all of them travelers.

A full link for the pictures of the Brazilian Championship here:

Complete Results

Article wrote by Matias Collins
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Monday  March  11 of 2019
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Friday  March  22 of 2019