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2019 Europeans Notice of Race published
Circolo Velico Torbole has published today the 2019 Soling European Championship Notice of Race.
Once more the event will be held at Lake Garda famous for its location, wind conditions, great race management, and fabulous food, the ISA has been promised an outstanding catering.
The event looks promising, after all the technical details have been sorted out including the International Jury composition, and race officer selection. Now it is time that the traditional club from Nago {Circolo Velico Torbole} starts planning all the social around the 4 to 5 days of the event, for some teams probably an entire week vacation around the lake.

The event will be the highlight for the Italian intl. Soling Association who will host a week earlier an event closely at Lake Iseo and will finish a week after in Lake Como. Hoping some travelers stick with a nice vacation in Italy and an opportunity to sail twice in the Italian Northern lakes in the Alps.

The event will start on June 26 and end on 29, counting only 4 racing days, but the OA has the intention to organize a practice race on the 25. This also because a recent major event held in Garda with almost 50 Soling teams sailing, puts the CVT aiming for a big turn out, and therefore many boats that have not the possibility to ByPass measurement, making the 25 and probably the 24 measurement days upon request to the CVT.

The Italian Intl. Soling Association will be working hard on the Italian fleet, mainly renewed, but with still some old farts that can show up and remember the former days which the sailing community was anxious to sail in the region every year. The local fleet will be busted by two growing fleets the Dutch and the French, and crossing fingers for the Austrians using their super boats and cars to just drive over the Alps and crowd the town who will face an extreme keelboat sailing week with another classe also running their major event in Garda but in the town of Riva.

While I write this article already 5 different nations made their entries through , and in addition to these, the event will count with International Judges from Germany, Great Britain, Ireland and two judges from Italy.

Notice of race can be found at the event website or download it from here:
A translation of the Notice of race has been prepared for Italians, the one might not be 100% exact, the English one prevails.

There are teams that will request to ByPass the measurement, the big news is that on the website the function to check if your boat has or not the possibility to do it is ready. But in essence if you have not attended the Europeans at Balaton (2018) or the Worlds in Muiden (2017), It is unlikely that you have the possibility to ByPass the measurement and You will need to advise the CVT and the ISA the need for measuring (this will happen on 25 and maybe on 24 as well), the same will happen to sail the Worlds ion La Baule next September so if you do not have the ByPass and want to use it at LaBaule, better you attend the Europeans to get it. Remember to achieve the ByPass, you need to have the spars stickers, and corrector weights installed.

For the visitors from abroad the rental section is becoming populated, we aim to have at least 8 more possibilities from the ones already in it.

Arrange your trip soon, end of June is the start of the high season in Garda, booking, has to be done early.

Looking forward to see you all soon at the race course enjoying the ORA, the Olives, the Wine, the pasta and the cheese.

Article wrote by Matias Collins
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Friday  January  11 of 2019
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