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HUN 1 Sandor Varjas, Laszlo Kovacsi and Gabor Meretei European Champions
Despite the very difficult wind condition during the championship, the local team HUN 1 took most of it, finishing with a 2nd and a 6th in the last day of racing even being safe after a huge wind shift that killed the leader teams in the second race.
The last day of the European Championship started with great winds from the East, 10 to 14 knots but it went down to reach the 6 knots intensity and include a left shit of 30 degrees that occurred softly. The first race commenced promptly at 10:00, with the first contested start line in airs where crews hiking could make a difference. Off the line it was clear that boats who carried boat speed and proactive crews made a difference driving the boats to windward well. By the end of the first beat the clear leader was FIN 46 (Eki Heinonen, Gabor Helmhout and Jenny van der Werf) who tacked away early benefiting from all the shifts on the port side of the course. By the time they rounded the windward mark they established a clear advantage which they maintained throughout the race. Behind the battle for second was close with UKR 1 (Igor Yushko, Sergei Pichuguin and Kurilenko Olesky ) and HUN 1 respectively crossing tacks and gybes for the remainder of the race.
Race 2 and during the break the wind dropped but filled back in within 20 minutes. The start was well contested with the best 2 boats off the line being FIN 46 and USA 853. By the first mark rounding CAN 236 (Bill Halliburton, Mike Evans and Simon Zeh), FIN 46, AUT 130 (Andreas Moosgasner, Peter Schaup and Phillipe Boustnai) , HUN 77 (Gyorgy Wossala, Kristof Wossala and Pepe Nemeth), GER 1 (Roman Koch, Martin Zeileis and Valli Koch) and USA 853 (Matias Collins, Rob Mountain and Jonas Ballenberger) rounded in close proximity with all to play for. Downwind not many places changed and the next upwind and downwind legs leg the boats traded tacks and gybes with FIN 46 establishing a lead over the others. The last upwind leg changed the dynamic of the whole race, when those who went left with a diminishing wind endede up finding a new breeze coming with a lift of 20 degrees, it was the end of leading pack except FIN 46 and NED 33 (Rudy den Outer, Theo de Lange and Rob Verburg ) which at this point managed to keep the game on.
Boats arrived to Alsoors Marina and an exceptional team of volunteers and marina employee worked together to in about 1hr and a half to put all 22 boats out of the water, and pack the ones to start the last reception of the event the prize Giving ceremony leaded by the Marina owner Gabor Deak and main sponsor the brewery Pcsi Sor owner Mr. Tamas Szemerei.
At the awards the recognition to the measurement team leaded by Laszlo Hegymegi and seconded for life time member, world sailing technical committee Jean Pierre Marmier from Switszerland who not only measured the competing boats but took time to analyze the new carbon mast being proposed to the Soling class.
The class only can thanks the event organization under control by Adrienne Fekets, seconded by Mate Knauz and an efficient team of volunteers based in an impeccable Marina / Hotel location the Alsoors Marina.
The race committee leaded by Kazmer Kerekes did an excellent job in light wind conditions finishing 9

A remark to metion that NED 33 sailed their new spinnaker honoring the famous Dutch paintor Mondrian.
At the award ceremony the Hungarian sailors chose to award the perpetual Vincent Manach Trophy to the long life Soling sailor Gyorgy Wossala (HUN)
The Rien Segaar Trophy awarded to the best third team from the best country at the event ended in hads of HUN 11 Annamaria Sabajan, Bea Majoross, Andras Baujsz,
Annamaria and Bea also are winners of the Reloaded Trophy for the best women placed at the overall results, they also finished third overall.
In second overall HUN 77 team Aurora with Gyorgy Wossala, Kristof Wossala and Pepe Nemeth.
And the winners HUN 1 Sandor Varjas, Laszlo Kovacsi and Gabor Meretei.
The next European Championship will be held in Garda (Torbole) during the month of June.
The Next continental event for 2018 will be the South American Championship ( to be held in a new location Frey Bentos Uruguay.

The 2018 Soling European Championship was sponsored by:
Alsoors Marina - Pecsi Sor - Unicum - Balatoni Yacht Club 1922 - Red Bull, Hunsail.

Complete Results

Article wrote by Robert Mountain
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