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Three more races with better but shifty winds at the 2017 World Championship
It was the first sunny day from the morning and still continue, despite the wind coming from the South (165) with oscillations to about 15 degrees and changing intensity from 7 to 12 knots the cold was knocking and was kept away thanks to the Sun.

The First race of the day FIN 46 (Ekki Heinonen, Pasi Palmu and Jenny van der Werf) playing as local took the bullet home, sailing to the left then crossing to the right, they were followed by CAN 225 (Peter Hall, William Hall and Gord Devries) and in third came team Provital HUN 11 (Litkey Farkas, Karoly Vezer and Gabor Oroszlan ) always working from behind. During the race it was difficult to see which side ended paying, but looks like those who could be patient and well interpret the wind intensity took advantage to finish ahead.

The Second race of the day saw team Provital HUN 11 more sharp than ever taking their first bullet to leave the team at the door of a new World Championship. They were followed by FIN 46 and then GER 308 (Karl Haist, Max Haist and the birthday man Martin Zeileis).

The third race, it paid big the first beat on the left side, but BRA 78 (Nelson Ilha, Manfredo Floricke and Carlo de Leo) who started at the middle of the start and tacked a bit earlier was the only boat from those at the left to make the mark without standing over the lay line, they rounded first and from there they kept the lead to take their third bullet at the championship, and to step in second overall just 5 points behind team Provital HUN 11. This race the second was again FIN 46 and in third team Provital HUN 11 in third.

The top 5 boats overall comes from 5 different countries, two from America and three from Europe.( Hungary, Brasil, Ukraine, Finland and Canada).

Tomorrow one more race scheduled for 1100hs but tonight the Championship Dinner at the Royal KNZ&RV.

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Article wrote by Matias Collins
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Thursday  September  21 of 2017
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