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Long day and cold but three races in at the 2017 World Championship
Teams faced all kind of different wind directions and intensity as well, never more than 11 knots (at the last race, and only some moments).

The temperature were only around 12 degrees when sun had the decency to show up, the sailors were lucky the rain moved south of the race course and at least not drops from above. But when sun was hiding and wind stronger the cold was hurting those who had plans to come over summer to sail.

The first start was clear but with winds around 4 to 7 knots the boats who ended up crossing to the left side initially gain big like BRA 78 with Nelson Ilha, Manfredo Floricke and Carlo de Leo who rounded first and lead the whole race despite the wind later rotated a bit to the left again and returning to the right. Following them was CAN 225 with Peter Hall, William Hall and Gord Devries and in third CAN 1 with Bill Abbott, Joanne Abbott and Scott McNeil.

The second race saw two AP flags during the 5 min sequence (two frustrated starts) , to start then with a black flag. Many boats didnít even were aware of the flag up and finally were BFD. The saw a smart start from USA 853 with Matias Collins, Christopher Laske and Jorg Laske, 7 seconds late alone at the Start vessel to cross almost the entire fleet, only BRA 78, and team Aurora Hotels HUN 77 with George Wossala, Christoph Wossala and Pepe Nemeth ; GER 308 rounded 4th and gybed away at the mark. The rounding of the leeward BRA 78, HUN 77 and USA 853 on the right gate and GER 308 on the left who paid a bit, their first gain , while HUN 1 super fast managed to pass USA 853, GER 308 dispatched HUN 77, to finish second behind BRA 78, HUN 77 defended their third against HUN 1 with multiple jibes.

The third race with a bit more wind and more from the right side almost a westerly, had HHUN 77 to lead the race and defend from attacks initially from UKR 1 with Igor Yushko, Sergey Pichuguin and Igor Severianov and HUN1 but it was team Provital HUN 11 with Litkey Farkas, Karoly Vezer and Oroszlan Gabor who coming from behind (around position 10 managed to climb in the subsequent downwinds, and finish second ahead UKR 1.

In overall results it was a day for the American continent despite they are only a few at the championship anyway Brazilians and Canadians in the top five in most races.

FANS world wide could follow the races with Kwindwoo application on their computers, ipdas and smartphones.

Tomorrow start is planned for 1100hs and today sailors were welcomed with Bittter Balls and beer at the Pub.

Complete Results

Article wrote by Matias Collins
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Wednesday  September  20 of 2017
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