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The Sun shines at the second day of measurement
Like if was part of the organization, the weather in Muiden improved which helped to improve in the measurement of all boats.
The past two days were quite busy for all participants, from organization to even the sailors who were proceeding with the final adjustments to meet all class rules.
An excellent work from all volunteers made it possible the whole process of inspecting the boats. A few masts were light at the top weight and still a few booms have to be cut to meet class rules and the new World Sailing ERS book.

On Sunday by around 1400hs the race committee started a practice race not far from the club, which started with some light winds, but then while rain were approaching a nice breeze came up which made the final lap of the racing quite more interesting.
CAN 1 with Bill & Joanne Abbott and Scott McNeil won the race followed by NED 33 with Rudy den Outer, Theo de Lange and Ramzi Souli and in Third FIN 46 with Ekki Heinonen, Pasi Palmu and Jenny van der Werf.

Despite the weather menace no rain came and the.Opening ceremony went great with the mayor of the county giving her speach and ISA President honoring Laszlo Hefymegi, class chief measurer for his 30 years of class service.

Teams gathered for a while in the KNZ´s terrace and pub, the all teams went home to rest and face the top competition amongst 13 different nations

Article wrote by Matias Collins
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