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Summer Cup a great start
The past weekend was time to start the season in Argentina, the CNO organized the summer cup, but a bad forecast with exaggerated winds, stormy and cold, didnít help to stimulate the fleet not only at the racing days but also the whole week previous to the championship, managing to stop the participation of two newbies team who wanted to make their debut.

Anyway 14 boats did their entries, in which 13 tried to race, two suffered problems at the first day showing how rude it was the river who was shining with its absence in particular at the end of the day when teams who decided to race the storm were going back home.

Team Obelix ARG 40 with Alejandro Chometowski, Julian Gazzari y Lucas Authier managed to finish second in both races at the weekend, despite not winning a race they won the photo contest of the month and became also the championship winners.

Team edding ARG 32 twice world champion Gustavo Warburg, Hernan Celedoni y Fede Calegari won the first race and with a 6th in the second race managed to keep second place overall.

USA 788 with Matias Collins, Agustin Ferrario (Andres Ezcurra) y Leonardo Selva Sailing well the first day with a third and then a 5th on the second day ended up finishing third overall.

Saturday was a difficult day due to the strong winds, up to 25 knots from the west and really strong current flowing out, only 8 boats tried to race, two of them suffered problems and didnít finish the one. The way back home was difficult and ARG 40 asap they grounded the first time they decided to return to the host club , but it was worst, they ended up grounding and staying overnight blocking the marina entranceÖ

Sunday a softer wind from same direction but really oscillating was difficult sailing but team Longvie ARG 34 with Busch, Zimmerman and Mendonca did a great job, stealing the lead from ARG 36 with Despontin, Noceti and F. Sasso at the first downwind, ARG 40 snicked in and finish second granting his overall victory.

It was the day for the Girls team debut ARG 3 with Agustina Stern, Carolina Galazi and Lucia Jolly, and a great debut not rounding last the first mark and only loosing the position after problems with the spi halyard to drop the spinnaker.

The 14 boats which entered added to the two newbies (ARG 12 and 21) who decided to step down due to the forecast plus the three crews of ARG 42,ARG 39 and ARG 26 could determine the biggest Argentine fleet in a South American championship next end of April, event that will be organized by the Club Nautico San Isidro on April 28,29.30

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Article wrote by Matias Collins
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Monday  March  4 of 2013
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