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George Wossala (HUN) crowned at the ISA ranking
After an atypical year György won the international ranking by only 5.7 points ahead Peter Hall (CAN) reigning World champion who chose well the events to sail and achieve points in the run during the year.

In the 4 events counting to the ranking, their teams face competition one against the other in three events, which Peter Hall took the honors at the Worlds advancing 10 points ahead George, but lost the battles at the European and at the Hungarian Open which George recovered 2.7 points, the difference of 7.3 points were achieve by George by sailing really well at the Zipfer Cup winning the third best event in participation and achieving 30 points.

Peter in the other hand sailed well other three events winning the North American Championship but this one without a great participation (16.5pts), also finishing 3rd at the US champs (16.8 pts), but it was an European event the Omega Cup in which he finished third achieving the 17 points used to complete his best fourth event in the year, not enough to match the difference obtained by George at the Zipfer Cup.

It was atypical because neither of both reaches the top with at least one of their crew, both who ended up sailing important events without their usual crew. They managed well the situation, finishing in good places with a different crew and also a different boat (not his own). This shows that the common fear of lack of boat and missing crew must be lost by most of the Sailors who doesn’t travel abroad or even doesn’t attend some events due to the crew issue. Because even with one of the problems or the other or both, they can have fun anyways and maybe not achieve the best result, but it could be enough to count and show how good you are overcoming all the possible issues the bad combination can generate.

In third came the Dutch team Rudy, Razmi and Gavin (116.5 points) which only computed three events to their ranking count, they could have been in the top by choosing to sail one more good event, they had top 5 finishes in all three events including the Worlds and Europeans and to conclude their point collection the Omega Cup.

Atypical also because it follows below the podium three different crews from different boats who managed to be ahead of their own helmsperson. Dominik Meissner (GER) 115.5 points, Maxl Koch(GER) 113.4 points and Martin Zeileis (AUT) 113 points.

Atypical because it had a nice country distribution: 1st HUN, 2nd CAN, 3rd NED at the overall results and helmsperson, and 1st NED, 3rd GER, 4th GER, 5th AUT at the crew list.

The North American winner was Peter Hall followed by Canadians Hans Fogh together with Gord Devries and following Charles Kamps(USA) from Milwaukee.

The South American winner was Nelson Ilha(BRA) followed by Gustavo Warburg(ARG) and in third by Roger Ferres(ARG).

The best woman in the ranking was Anna Dietzel (GER) with 81 points on top of Irene Haist (GER) with 73 points and followed by Joanne Abbott (CAN) with 71 points. It was the World Championship event held in Milwaukee in which Anna took part that kicked her to the top, it was an event she decided to travel to at least be a spectator but she had in mind to find a boat and sail and she got the prize, both of the Bavarian girls sailed 4 or more events this year, Joanne after finishing third at the Worlds and second at the North American championship got close, but only sailed these two events not enough to jump ahead of them.

Congratulations to all and looking forward to a 2013 fierce competition starting at Easter ( ) with a nice sail in Tuscany in between the ski days in the Alps !.

Ranking list below:

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